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Notes:  The Chair has submitted notices of committee hearings through March 12 which will complete the Committee’s hearing schedule for this session.  For more information about each bill, please select the “Hearing Schedule” link under the “Resources” menu to the right.

The order of bills and other items listed for each hearing day is only the anticipated order in which they will be taken up.  The order may change up to and including the date of the hearing.


 Jan 22
Room 1524

Appointment – Bryan Tuma (Climate Assessment Response Committee)
LB 61 (Halloran) Change and Eliminate Provisions Relating to Rabies

Jan 29
Room 1524

LB 243 (Gragert) Create the Healthy Soils Task Force
LB 321 (Hansen) Change Provisions of the Weights & Measures Act
LB 333 (Slama) Update federal references and redefine a term under the Nebraska Milk Act

 Feb 5
Room 1524

LB 344 (Ag Committee) Adopt the Animal Health and Disease Control Act
LB 320 (Albrecht) Change provisions of the Pesticide Act and update federal references
LB 660 (Brewer) Change provisions relating to the executive director of the Brand Committee

Feb 12
Room 1524

LB 657 (Wayne) Adopt the Industrial Hemp Act
LB 227 (Hughes) Redefine terms and change determination of a public or private nuisance under the Nebraska Right to Farm Act

Feb 19
Room 1524

LB 594 (Blood) Provide for a deceptive trade practice relating to meat
LR13 – (Murman) Legislative Resolution inre Milk Labeling
LB 729 (Walz) Adopt the Soil Health and Productivity Act

Feb 26
Room 1524

LB 201 (McCollister) Prohibit certain unlawful acts under the Weights & Measures Act
LB229 (Groene) Prohibit certain unlawful acts under the Weights & Measures Act
LB 157 (Brewer) Provide for voluntary registration, duties of the Department of Agriculture, and a cause of action under the Nebraska Apiary Act
LB 382 (Geist) Change the Dog and Cat Purchase Protection Act

March 5
Room 1003

LB 45 (Chambers) Repeal the Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Act
LB 304 (Crawford) Exempt certain operations from the definition of a food establishment under the Nebraska Pure Food Act
LB732 (Vargas) Adopt the Mobile Food Unit Act

Room 1003

Appointments – Chris Kircher, Dawn Caldwell, Jeremy Jensen to the State Fair Board
LB655 (Wayne) Change division fence provisions

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