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Notes:  The Chair has submitted notices of committee hearings through February 18th, which will complete the Committee’s hearing schedule for this session.  For more information about each bill, please select the “Hearing Schedule” link under the “Resources” menu to the right.

The order of bills and other items listed for each hearing day is only the anticipated order in which they will be taken up.  The order may change up to and including the date of the hearing.


January 21
Room 1524

LB 791 (Slama) — Change provisions of the Livestock Animal Welfare Act relating to ownership, possession, or seizure of animals
LB 835 (Halloran) — Change provisions of the Nebraska Pure Food Act

January 28
Room 1524

LB 803 (Hughes) — Adopt the Pulse Crop Resources Act and harmonize other provisions of law
LB 972 (Brandt) — Change germination seed testing provisions under the Nebraska Seed Law

February 4
Room 1524

Gubernatorial Appointment:  Bradley D. Lubben — Beginning Farmer Board
LB 1152 (Halloran) — Change licensing, cultivation, testing, transportation, violation and penalty, and powers and duties provisions relating to hemp
LB 1219 (Wayne) — Change provisions of law relating to hemp and adopt the Nebraska Hemp Transportation and Sales Licensing Act
LB 919 (Wayne) — Change requirements for approval or denial of licenses or licensing agreements under the Nebraska Hemp Farming Act

February 11
Room 1003

Gubernatorial Appointment:  Britt D. Anderson — Beginning Farmer Board
Gubernatorial Appointment:  David W. Nielsen — Beginning Farmer Board
Gubernatorial Appointment:  Wade E. Thornburg — Beginning Farmer Board
LB 1159 (Stinner) — Change certain use restrictions and provide for unlimited license examination attempts under the Pesticide Act
LB 1040 (Vargas) — Provide for a state food insecurity nutrition incentive grant program

February 18
Warner Chamber

Gubernatorial Appointment:  Beth Smith — Nebraska State Fair Board
State Fair Briefing
LB 1200 (Brewer) — Rename the Livestock Brand Act and the Nebraska Brand Committee and change provisions relating to livestock
LB 1165 (Stinner) — Eliminate the Nebraska Brand Committee and provide powers and duties for the Department of Agriculture under the Livestock Brand Act

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