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Sen. Carol Blood

Sen. Carol Blood

District 3

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What’s Happening In The Legislature

First Round of Debate
The following bills were debated on the floor this week and were moved to Select File for a second round of votes.

LB76 – Change provisions relating to the nameplate capacity tax
LB236 – Change access to sales and use tax information with respect to the Nebraska Advantage Transformational Tourism and Redevelopment Act
LB266 – Change the School Readiness Tax Credit Act
LB734 – Provide for licensure of charter or special party bus services under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act
LB731 – Change provisions relating to new or updated comprehensive plans adopted by municipalities and counties
LB534 – Require public postsecondary educational institutions to submit reports regarding sexual violence, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Second Round of Debate
The following bills were debated on the floor this week and were moved to Final Reading and are awaiting passage

LB 30-Changes the Professional Landscape Architects Act to better define what is required to become a professional landscape architect.
LB93-Allows anyone claiming to be a parent of a juvenile involved in a court proceeding to file a motion to intervene.
LB230– Bans the use of room confinement in juvenile facilities, except when necessary to eliminate a juvenile’s substantial and immediate risk of harm to self or others.
LB740 – Revisor bill to repeal obsolete provisions relating to transfers of funds
LB741 – Revisor bill to repeal obsolete provisions relating to the Subsidized Employment Pilot Program
LB582 – Change provisions relating to stolen firearms
LB153 – Change provisions relating to the taxation of military retirement benefits
LB4 – Change mileage reimbursement and filing fees under the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act

2020 Bills From District 3 Awaiting Hearings:

LB742: Change penalty, sentencing, and hearing application provisions relating to offenses against animals
LB744: Authorize appointment of county engineer in certain counties and change powers and duties
LB746: Adopt the Nebraska Consumer Data Privacy Act
LB749: Adopt the Nebraska Anti-Terrorism Act
LB750: Prohibit discrimination based on military or veteran status
LB752: Provide duties and programs relating to veterans
LB1090: Allow local governing bodies to suspend liquor licenses for nonpayment of taxes, fees, and special assessments

Upcoming Hearings For District 3 Bills

LB748 (Adopt the Nebraska Fertility Fraud Act) Thursday, January 30th @ 1:30 pm in Room 1113/Judiciary Committee: Legislation to protect nonconsenting women from being inseminated by the doctor’s own spermatozoon/ovum or that from another patient’s partner.
LB 751 (Provide for a mental health exception to compulsory education requirement) Thursday, January 30th @ 1:30 pm in Room 1113/Judiciary Committee: Helping to remove the stigma involved with our children and mental health.
LB745 (Provide duties for law enforcement and prosecutors regarding federal immigration forms relating to victims of certain crimes) Friday, January 31st @ 1:30 pm in Room 1113/Judiciary Committee: Supporting law enforcement and victims of violent crimes.
LB743 (Adopt updated electrical standards) Tuesday, February 11th @ 1:30 pm in Room 1510/Urban Affairs Committee: Updating Nebraska Electrical Standards for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment.

State of the Judiciary Address

On Wednesday, Chief Justice Mike Heavican delivered the annual State of the Judiciary Address to the legislative body. He discussed the Supreme Court’s Language Access Program, child welfare in the courts and the expansion of services and programming within the Judicial Branch despite challenges like the flooding last spring. It was very exciting to also hear about the outreach programs across Nebraska working to improve the juvenile court system. I look forward to seeing those programs expand and improve over the next few years.

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