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Sen. Carol Blood

District 3

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Legislative Update Volume 4 – 7
February 28th, 2020

What’s Happening in Your Legislature

Public Hearings for the 106th Legislature – Second Session are complete, we now move to all-day debate on the floor

First Round of Debate The following bills were debated on the floor last week and moved to Select File for a second round of votes

LB790: Authorizes the Department of Administrative Services the use of group contracts entered into with political subdivisions of other states. The bill also authorizes the state purchasing bureau to take the lead in negotiations with other government entities.
LB962: Allows college athletes to earn money off their image and likeness and hire agents to help with endorsement deals.
LB344: Adopt the Animal Health and Disease Control Act to update definitions, treatments and funds devoted to animal diseases.
LB870: Change provisions relating to direct borrowing by cities and villages from financial institutions in order to fund repairs following calamities and disasters.
LB963: Change provisions relating to workers’ training to withstand and treatment of PTSD for first responders.
LB840: Adds the use of electronic smoking devices (Vaping) to the indoor clean air act so that vaping may not be done in public buildings and businesses.

District 3 Bills Out of Committee and Ready for Debate – The following bills await floor debate by the full Legislature, scheduling is handled by the Speaker’s office

LB751: Provide for a mental health exception for discussion of repeated absences between school officials and guardians of students helping to destigmatize mental health in our youth. (The Speaker has designated this one of his priority bills)
LB745: Provide tools for law enforcement and prosecutors regarding federal forms relating to victims of violent crimes and creating a consistent program across the state.
LB755: Provide for and change home services permits so barbers may come to the home of clients with persistent conditions who are unable to go to barbershops as well as their caretakers. (This is my priority bill for the session) Scheduled for Floor Debate on Tuesday, March 3rd
LB752: Provides for a duty for the Nebraska Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Services to better address the needs of Nebraska Veteran’s and their families.

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Legislative Conference Breakfast

On Monday, I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the 34th Annual Nebraska State AFL-CIO Legislative Conference Breakfast. This body of nearly 500 state and local labor councils work together to represent the interests of working people from across the state of Nebraska.


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Senator Carol Blood, District 3

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Sen. Carol Blood

District 3
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