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Sen. Carol Blood

District 3

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Legislative Update 4 – 9
March 16th, 2020

What’s Happening in Your Legislature

 First Round of Debate
The following bills were debated on the floor last week and moved to Select File for a second round of votes

LB774: Change requirements regarding credit for reinsurance
LB705: Provide for distribution of funds upon death from an achieve a better life experience account
LB1028: Change filing procedure for actions in Small Claims Court
LB1130: Change provisions relating to agreements and application deadlines under the Mutual Finance Assistance Act
LB911: Provide for acquisition of former Nebraska Veterans’ Memorial Cemetery in Grand Island
LB889: Change appeal provisions under the Administrative Procedure Act
LB1166: Change school district membership requirements as prescribed
LB1080: Require school policies that prohibit sexual conduct with students and former students
LB1185: Change provisions relating to criminal history record information checks for child care staff members
LB1060: Include hair textures and protective hairstyles within the definition of race under the Nebraska Fair Employment Practice Act
LB1183: Create the Health Information Technology Board and change prescription drug monitoring program provisions
LB912: Change provisions relating to examination of witnesses by telephonic, videoconferencing, and similar methods
LB835: Change provisions of the Nebraska Pure Food Act
Change provisions relating to examination of witnesses by telephonic, videoconferencing, and similar methods
LB1140: Provide requirements for youth rehabilitation and treatment centers
LB1144: Change provisions affecting the Public Counsel and the Inspector General of Nebraska Child Welfare
LB1188: Provide duties for the Office of Juvenile Services relating to education and change the definition of interim program school
LB1148: Change provisions relating to the Office of Juvenile Services and the placement of juveniles at youth rehabilitation and treatment centers
LB918: Create the Commission on African American Affairs and require a study
LB832: Provide immunity for removal of a child from a motor vehicle
LB247: Adopt the Advance Mental Health Care Directives Act
LB1152: Change licensing, cultivation, testing, transportation, violation and penalty, and powers and duties provisions relating to hemp
LB1055: Change provisions for voting by mail in certain counties
LB780: Change provisions relating to appropriations from the Nebraska Arts and Humanities Cash Fund
LB1198: Appropriate funds to the Department of Administrative Services
LB1003:  Provide annexation powers to cities of the second class and villages for relocation due to catastrophic flooding
LB1008: Provide, change, and eliminate provisions relating to appropriations (This is one of the legislature’s budget bills.)
LB247: Adopt the Advance Mental Health Care Directives Act
LB865: Change income tax provisions relating to the Nebraska educational savings plan trust and authorize employer contributions to the trust
LB797:  A city of the first class, city of the second class, or village which elects its city council or village board of trustees by district could not annex any territory during the period from five months prior to the primary election through the general election if such annexation would bring sufficient new residents.
LB848: Change Columbus Day to include Indigenous People’s Day

District 3 Bills Out of Committee and Ready for Debate
The following bills await floor debate by the full Legislature; scheduling handled by the Speaker’s office

LB751: Provide for a mental health exception for discussion of repeated absences between school officials and guardians of students helping to destigmatize mental health in our youth. (The Speaker has designated this one of his priority bills)LB745: Provide tools for law enforcement and prosecutors regarding federal forms relating to victims of violent crimes and creating a consistent program across the state.
LB755: Provide for and change home services permits so barbers may come to the home of clients with persistent conditions who are unable to go to barbershops as well as their caretakers. (This is my priority bill for the session)
LB752: Provides for a duty for the Nebraska Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the Department of Health and Human Services to better address the needs of Nebraska Veteran’s and their families

Would you like to watch the floor debates live? You can do so on your smart phone with the NETCapitol app, or on your computers at 

Please NOTE: If you receive our newsletter via US Mail and would like to receive a paper copy of any of the above bills, please contact our office and we will be happy to provide those documents.


COVID-19 Briefing
Tuesday, March 10th, Senators and staff were briefed on the virus known as COVID-19. Presented by the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) and Nebraska Medicine speakers included experts in emergency management and public health. Social distancing and pleas for those feeling ill to remain isolated in the home, was stressed by all. We were left with the feeling that Nebraska is prepared to handle whatever this infectious disease brings our way. UNMC is known worldwide for its biocontainment capabilities, but as was strongly urged, we must do our part to remain healthy and to help protect those with pre-existing conditions that may leave them more vulnerable to this virus.  As always, if you feel ill, contact your physician or a member of the medical community and STAY HOME! 

For More Information see the websites for the CDC and Nebraska Medicine, both have excellent information regarding Covid – 19

Students from Peter Sarpy Elementary Visit the Capitol
Another Wednesday, another group of excited and well-informed 4th graders visit the Capitol. Every question the students were asked regarding our Unicameral, the Three Branches of Government, the Nebraska State Senators, were answered correctly. These young people from Peter Sarpy Elementary know their Nebraska Legislature almost as well as those of us who work here do. It is always fun to watch young minds at work!

Lunch with members of the Nebraska Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Three students and their adviser came to our office bearing the gift of a delicious sack lunch to share, along with their gratitude for work we have done on past legislation and to stress the importance of other bills currently up for debate. Each one shared what drew them to seek a career as a Speech-language pathologist, and their hopes for the future in this field of healthcare. Speech-Language Pathologists work with all ages from infant to the elderly, helping with feeding disorders, speech delays as well as voice and fluency disorders. We wish these students the very best as they continue their educations.
A Visit from the Nebraska Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 
The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) has chapters in all 50 states, and it is always heartwarming to welcome Amie Nelson and Blivan Roman to our office. This year Amie and Blivan brought with them, Jason Orton, a part of the Lincoln chapter. Each shared their stories and brought us up to date on what they are doing to survive and to thrive. Finding light in their advocacy, the hope is to make sure Suicide Stops Here.


     Did you know March is Brain Injury Awareness Month?

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Senator Carol Blood, District 3

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Oliver VanDervoort – Legislative Aide

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Sen. Carol Blood

District 3
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