January 7th, 2015

Thank you for visiting my website. It is an honor to represent the people of the 4th legislative district in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature.

You’ll find my contact information on the right side of this page, as well as a list of the bills I’ve introduced this session and the committees on which I serve. Please feel free to contact me and my staff about proposed legislation or any other issues you would like to address.

Sen. Robert Hilkeman

Hilkemann’s Highlights

January 30th, 2015

After bills are introduced, the committees schedule public hearings on each bill. The schedule is required to be published seven days before the hearing. I introduced my first bill last week in front of the Judiciary Committee. I have testified on behalf of other bills as a private citizen and podiatrist, but it was exciting to be the introducer of a bill. LB 209, to mandate mediation between public subdivisions before resorting to litigation, was brought on behalf of the City of Omaha. The bill remains in committee.

The budget process is governed and guided by provisions of the Nebraska Constitution, state statutes, and legislative rules. A full biennial (two year) budget is required to be enacted during regular legislative sessions held in odd-numbered years, which is the long, 90-day session.

The Appropriation Committee, which I serve on, spends January and February learning about the financial needs of each state agency. This is done with the help of the Legislative Fiscal Office. Fourteen veteran staff analysts and support staff have been briefing us on the state agencies, boards, and commissions in preparation for their budget requests. Some of the individual agency documents are over 200 pages. The analysts must isolate the key issues in the requests, analyze alternatives, and summarize the material.

Next week I will continue to tell you about the state budget process.

January 22nd, 2015

Legislative Update

January 22, 2015

 All bills must be introduced during the first 10 days of the legislative session. A total of 655   bills were introduced this year. I introduced five bills to begin my first term of office.

LB 209 will have a hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee on Friday, January 23rd. This bill creates the Political Subdivision Mandatory Mediation Act. The purpose of the bill is to require all state political subdivisions to submit to mediation before pursuing litigation. This will save time and taxpayer money.

LB 373, to Change School Bus Safety Standards, is a bill that has been introduced several times. It requires new school buses to be equipped with lap-shoulder belts for each passenger. The passengers would be required to use the belts.

LB 452 provides for advertising requirements under the Uniform Credentialing Act.  This bill seeks to make sure those reading advertisements for health care can depend on the training and authorization of those producing the ads.

LB 453 changes how motor vehicle taxes are computed in a private transaction. Current law requires both the buyer and seller to pay the tax for the month of the sale. This bill makes the buyer only responsible for the tax imposed for the month of the sale.

LB 532 provides for an appropriation of funds for construction of the Global Center for Advanced Interprofessional Learning at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  

 All bills will be referenced to the appropriate committee for a public hearing. Hearings are announced at least seven days in advance. The committee then decides whether or not to advance bills to the entire body for debate.  I will keep you informed of the progress of these bills as the session continues.  

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January 15th, 2015


January 13, 2015

Welcome to my official Senator’s Page. I am pleased to represent the 4th District and look forward to visiting with you via this newsletter.

On this seventh day of the 90-day session we are spending mornings on the legislative floor while introducing bills. The afternoons are not yet hearing days but we are all busy with meetings to acquaint us with various issues.

I have been appointed to the Appropriations Committee and yesterday was chosen to be vice-chair.  I will not have a second or third committee assignment as Appropriations meets five days per week. This important committee crafts a budget to present to the entire body, which we are constitutionally required to do.

Please contact me at my Capitol office via several means. You may write to Senator Robert Hilkemann, District 4, PO Box 94604, Lincoln, NE 68509-4604; you may call me at 402-471-2621; or email at rhilkemann@leg.ne.gov

My two staff members are experienced women who have worked for several senators. Kate Wolfe is my administrative assistant. She will be first to answer the phone or greet you in person. Nanette Hessee is my legislative aide. She works with legislation and other state matters. They are both available to assist you.

 My next post will tell you about bills I am introducing this session.