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Sen. Tony Vargas

Sen. Tony Vargas

District 7

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Hello District 7!


Yesterday was the last day for bill introduction and this year I have introduced 26 bills. I spent the interim working with stakeholders in our district and across the state, and I am proud to share my legislative agenda with you.  Here is a little more information about some of the legislation that I have introduced and how it will impact District 7:


LB 50LB50 will adjust state income tax brackets, lowering taxes on low and middle income earners and raising taxes on our state’s top earners — income over $1 million will be taxed an additional 1% and income over $2 million will be taxed at an additional 2%. I know well the struggles that working families in our communities are facing. LB50 evens the playing field a bit  more by asking workers making more money to contribute more.


LB 310 – LB310 (reintroduced from 2017’s LB272) would expedite the process of receiving a Historic Tax Credit. This tax credit is used by developers to rehabilitate and revitalize historic buildings, benefiting both rural and urban areas communities across our state.


LB 687 – LB687 will make the process of registering to vote simpler and more accessible for all Nebraskans by allowing updates to your address at the DMV to automatically update your voter registration record. This makes registering to vote simpler for everyone while also increasing the accuracy of our voter rolls.  


LB 723 – LB723 will lower the excise tax placed on our local breweries. I am thankful to the many who have reached out to me with concern regarding LB 314 & LB 497, two pieces of legislation that will raise the taxes on local Nebraska breweries. LB 723 is a viable alternative that honors the cultural and economic contributions that breweries make to our state. Breweries are important cornerstones in our communities — in urban areas like District 7 and in small towns like Ord, Broken Bow, and many more. We should do everything in our power to uplift this up-and-coming robust, vibrant industry.


LB 724 – LB724, or what my office refers to as the GIRL (Gender Inclusivity and Recognition of Leadership) Act, will require any corporation that wants to receive tax benefits under the Nebraska Advantage Act to have women compose at least least half of its board of directors. Study after study shows that when women are paid equally and given opportunities to advance both our economy and our families do better. For too long, Nebraska’s principles of fairness and equality have not been adequately extended to all those live or operate in our state. It’s time to put our money where our mouth is and ensure our tax dollars are used to properly incentivize companies that recognize the contributions of women and prioritize gender equity.


LB 732 – LB732 will streamline the permitting and inspection processes for food trucks. I was happy to work with the many food truck owner-operators from the Omaha area to craft legislation that makes it easier for them to operate across the state by removing some of the government red tape and standardizing permit fees and registration processes.


LB 737 – LB737 aims to provide a better picture of projects done using money from the Affordable Housing Trust Fund by changing reporting requirements. With the need for affordable housing rising in District 7, it is important to me to ensure these tax dollars are being used to effectively address this growing problem.

Sen. Tony Vargas

District 7
Room #1000
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2721
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