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Sen. Burke Harr

Sen. Burke Harr

District 8

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Lincoln, NE – Nebraska State Senator Burke Harr, Legislative District 8, announced he plans to introduce legislation requiring public school board members obtain professional development training.

During the interim session, Senator Harr’s office has studied how public school boards can be more effective. Harr stated, “This legislation is not being introduced as a reaction to the recent events involving Omaha Public Schools, but I think those events highlight the importance of having well informed school board members with a clear understanding of their responsibilities. If this legislation passes, Nebraska will join nineteen (19) other states that require some type of professional development training for public school board members. Nebraska’s public school board members will be another group of professionals, like attorney’s and physicians, that must undergo regular professional development training.”

The proposed legislation would require public school members to receive training concerning:

  • The powers and duties of school board members;

  • Compliance with public records laws;

  • Compliance with education standards;

  • The financial and fiduciary duties of school board members;

  • Financial planning training;

  • Education law;

  • Labor law; and

  • Ethics training.

In addition, public school board members would be required to obtain training on the topic of their district’s:

  • Staffing levels;

  • Demographics;

  • Drop out rates;

  • Graduation rates;

  • Truancy levels; and

  • Assessment scores.

Sen. Burke Harr

District 8
Room #12th Floor
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2722
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