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Sen. Merv Riepe

Sen. Merv Riepe

District 12

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Thank you for visiting my website. It is an honor to represent the people of the 12th legislative district in the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature.

You’ll find my contact information on the right side of this page, as well as a list of the bills I’ve introduced this session and the committees on which I serve. Please feel free to contact me and my staff about proposed legislation or any other issues you would like to address.

Sen. Merv Riepe

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                 Kristen Stiffler – Legal Counsel

February 27, 2017                                                       402-471-2623

LB 343 and LB 344: Procedures for Health and Human Services Committee Hearing for March 1, 2017

Lincoln, NE – On March 1, 2017, the Health and Human Services Committee will be holding hearings at 9:15 am to 12 pm on LB 344 – Change credentialing and regulation of mental health substance abuse centers; and LB 343 – Change credentialing and regulation of cosmetology, nail technology, audiology, massage therapy, and barbers.  The change in schedule is due to the Nebraska Statehood activities held during normal committee hearing times.

Due to the constrained hearing schedule, the hearing for LB 344 will begin promptly at 9:15 am and is will end at 10:35 am, if not earlier. The LB 343 hearing will start immediately following the completion of LB 344 and will conclude at 12 pm.  In order to have all viewpoints represented during each hearing, the order of testifiers will follow a pattern of proponent, opponent, neutral, and repeat as time allows.

“It is the goal for the Health and Human Services Committee to provide a full and fair hearing for each bill discussed in front of the Committee.  Adhering to these procedures during a time-restricted hearing will best achieve this goal,” states Chairman Riepe.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                              CONTACT

                                           July 21, 2015                             Kristen Stiffler, 402-471-2623

Senator Merv Riepe to Introduce Legislation to

Reform Health Care


Lincoln, NE – State Senator Merv Riepe announced today he will introduce a bill in the 2016 Legislative session to enable direct contracting for primary care in the state of Nebraska.


“Fee-for-service health care in Nebraska is just not working,” said Sen. Riepe. “We need creative solutions to allow value-based health care for Nebraskans.”


Sen. Riepe has studied how direct contracting between primary care doctors and patients, also known as Direct Primary Care (DPC), can improve quality and access for Nebraskans.


DPC practices offer patients a full range of comprehensive primary services, including routine care, regular checkups, preventive care, and care coordination in exchange for a flat, recurring monthly fee, priced similar to a utility bill.


“It will strengthen the patient/doctor relationship and create patient-centered care that is affordable,” continued Sen. Riepe. “This is going to be a game changer for health care in Nebraska.”


Sen. Riepe is drafting legislation that will enable primary care doctors the ability to explore the DPC model.


Sen. Riepe represents Legislative District 12, in Millard/Omaha and Ralston in Douglas County.

Direct Primary Care Press Release

Sen. Merv Riepe

District 12
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