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Sen. Steve Lathrop

Sen. Steve Lathrop

District 12

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From the Desk of Senator Steve Lathrop, District 12

Hello! This is the first edition of my newsletter, giving constituents and others the latest updates on legislative activity related to District 12. You’re receiving this email because of previous correspondence with my office.

I am honored to be back in Lincoln representing the people of our district. I am also honored to have been elected chairman of the Judiciary Committee by my fellow senators.

The first three months of the legislative session have been exhilarating. The Judiciary Committee held hearings on 143 bills, the most of any committee. Those hearings ended last week, and this week we switch to all-day debates by the full Legislature.


Judiciary Committee members and staff pose for a group portrait in the Warner Chamber on Thursday, March 28, the last day of hearings.


Protecting Victims’ Rights

On March 15, the Legislature passed LB125, a bill I introduced that extends protections to people who fall victim to serious financial crimes at the hands of their intimate partners. This bill will ensure that such victims have the right to be notified and informed at each step of criminal proceedings.


Focus on Corrections

Our state prison system is experiencing an overcrowding crisis. The Judiciary Committee has designated one of my bills, LB686, as a Judiciary Committee priority for this legislative session. Using this bill as a vehicle, I hope to work with other members of the committee to offer solutions that will ease overcrowding within the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services while keeping our communities safe.


Other Bills

Some of the other bills I introduced this session include: LB538, which clearly distinguishes games of chance from games of skill to prohibit gambling devices in Nebraska; LB576, which ensures that firefighters are compensated when they are diagnosed with cancer or heart disease as a result of their heroic work; and LB309, which provides funding for an additional judge in Douglas County’s overburdened District Court.


Meet My Staff and Find More Updates

For the latest updates from the Capitol, and to meet members of my legislative staff, follow me on Facebook at


Thank you for reading!
Senator Steve Lathrop
District 12

Sen. Steve Lathrop

District 12
Room #1103
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2623
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