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Sen. Steve Lathrop

Sen. Steve Lathrop

District 12

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Preparing for 2020
December 17th, 2019

The next legislative session is just around the corner, and my office is hard at work preparing bills for me to introduce in the opening days. The Legislature has significant unfinished business when it comes to tax reform, school funding, economic development, and the alarming conditions in our prisons and other state institutions. I anticipate that each of these issues will be debated at length in the coming months.

ralston town hall

Senator Lathrop speaks with constituents Oct. 1 during a town hall meeting at Ralston City Hall.

millard town hall

Senator Lathrop speaks with constituents Nov. 5 during a town hall meeting at CRCC in Millard.

Here are some highlights from 2019:

* 198 bills heard in committees: I sit on the Business and Labor Committee and the Agriculture Committee, and have the honor of serving as chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

* 10 bills passed: Of the 16 bills I personally introduced this past session, 10 were signed into law. Topics ranged from protecting victims of theft to addressing critical issues in the Department of Corrections.

* Meetings with constituents: Throughout the year, I met with constituents from District 12 to discuss a range of subjects, including health care, public safety and education.

I am here to represent you in Lincoln. Should you ever wish to express your opinion on an issue or request assistance from my office, do not hesitate to contact me.

Sen. Steve Lathrop

District 12
Room #1103
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2623
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