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Sen. Brett Lindstrom

Sen. Brett Lindstrom

District 18

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Social Security Income tax
November 9th, 2016

It is no secret that it has been my intent to repeal the state Social Security Income Tax since the moment I was elected to represent District 18 in the Nebraska Legislature.

I firmly believe that taxing Social Security Income places an added undue hardship on retirees living on a fixed income, and encourages people with the money to do so to flee the state, taking with them their spending dollars which are invaluable to driving our economic success.

The Legislature, however, is not a thing easily swayed. And so, the Social Security Income Tax has yet to be repealed.  That does not mean my conviction to do so has lessened.  If anything, it has only increased.

There are many reasons for this, and they are all rooted in my conservative conviction that our economy can only thrive when productivity and achievement are rewarded rather than punished.

Kiplinger’s Magazine, a publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice, produced a telling infographic to this point.  The graphic displays Nebraska, along with a bundle of 10 states including New York and California, as one of the least tax friendly states to retirees in the union.  You can view the tax map here.

Punishing people who have achieved throughout their lives by taxing their Social Security Income is ludicrous.  These people didn’t work their whole lives just to give that productivity back to the state, and many retirees are voting it out every year with their feet.  They are leaving our state for places where they know their Social Security Income won’t be taxed.  With only a few states that have the gall to tax Social Security Income, they have a lot of options.


Sen. Brett Lindstrom

District 18
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