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Sen. Brett Lindstrom

Sen. Brett Lindstrom

District 18

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March Update
March 10th, 2017

Time continues to march on and as sure as winter turns to spring this 105th session of the legislature continues to move forward. We are now  two months in and will soon reach the halfway point.   On Tuesday I introduced my final bill for this session in the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee and other committees are getting near the end as well.

The Revenue Committee will continue to hear bills through March 22nd, just shy of the March 23rd deadline for hearing all introduced bills, and the Nebraska Retirement Systems Committee only has a few confirmation hearings left.  Once committees wind down the Legislature begins all-day floor debate on March 28th.

This week Senators and Committees submitted their requests for priority bills and for Speaker priority bills.  I requested a priority designation be given to LB337 introduced by Senator Smith on behalf of Governor Ricketts.  Speaker Scheer will let us know on March 13th the 25 bills he has chosen for Speaker Priorities.  I believe it is safe to say at this point that if a bill does not have a priority designation or is not approved for consent calendar,  it most likely will not be heard this session.

So far, bills that I have co-sponsored have had success.  LB 45 allowing military honor license plates has been passed and approved by the Governor,  LB407 to create a task force to address issues in Whiteclay was heard on the floor this week, and LB576 which will freeze property tax increases for two years was heard in Revenue on March 9th.

As always it continues to be my great honor to represent the people of District 18 in the Nebraska legislature.




Sen. Brett Lindstrom

District 18
Room #2015
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2618
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