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Sen. Bruce Bostelman

Sen. Bruce Bostelman

District 23

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The legislature debated two Senator Priority bills this week on general file. LB743 introduced by Senator Lindstrom and LB757 introduced by Senator Morfeld were discussed on the floor. LB743 would adopt the Public Adjusters Licensing act and change related continuing education and pre-licensing education provisions. The bill advanced to select file. LB757 is a consumer protections bill and would change provisions of the Credit Report Protection Act and the Financial Data Protection and Consumer Notification of Data Security Breach Act of 2006. This bill aims to strengthen consumer protection regulations and would require that individual or commercial entities in Nebraska that hold personal information must implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices.  LB757 would also assure that if a security breach occurs, the consumer reporting agency would not charge for a security freeze. LB757 advanced to select file.

One of my own bills, LB909 had a hearing this week in the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee on Tuesday, January 30th.  LB909 is a bill that originated out of discussions between myself, the DMV, and interested individuals and car club members regarding titling of specialty assembled vehicles. LB909 amends Nebraska titling and licensing provisions and assembled and kit vehicle provisions to provide a process to and allow for the branding of certificates of title as reconstructed or replica. This bill would simplify and make more precise the titling and licensing process for specialty assembled vehicles. This titling change would help make our laws as convenient and precise as possible for individuals applying for an assembled vehicle title as well as the DMV.

Several notable bills had public hearings this week in my Committees. LB830 introduced by Senator Vargas was heard in the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee. This bill would allow an auto manufacturer that does not have, and has not previously had, any franchisees in Nebraska, such as Tesla, to sell its own product directly to consumers. LB1054 introduced by Senator Brewer was heard in the Natural Resource Committee. This bill would require wind energy projects in Nebraska to apply to the Power Review Board and require the Board to consider public comment when making its determination. There was a great deal of testimony heard on the bill.

Committees continue to hear bills addressing property taxes this session.  LB947 introduced by Senator Smith at the Governor’s request was heard in the Revenue Committee on Wednesday, January 31st.  This bill would adopt the Nebraska Property Tax Cuts and Opportunities Act. There was a significant amount of testimony on the bill. There are multiple pieces of legislation addressing property taxes this session and I will be watching these bills closely as they move through the legislative process.

The Nebraska Veterans Council held their legislative day on Friday, February 2nd. The Nebraska Veterans Council is comprised of representatives from nine veteran service organizations. I enjoyed getting to meet with these individuals who provide a great service to our state and our country and visit with them about veteran-related legislation.


Sen. Bruce Bostelman

District 23
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