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Suzanne Geist

Sen. Suzanne Geist

District 25

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This week was the last week of committee hearings.

On Thursday, my bill LB1215, which creates the Small Business Assistance Act, was amended onto Senator McKinney’s priority bill, LB450. I worked with a constituent on this bill. She brought to my attention there are many hurdles that middle class families face when starting a small business. There are many resources for a small business that produces high paying jobs, but for the person that would like to start an “everyday business” it is hard to find good business resources. My bill will provide grants for small businesses, if the owner makes less than $55,000 a year, has no other interest in a business and has less than $200,000 in assets excluding their home. The state will also contract with a business and provide professional business counseling services to these businesses. The counseling includes human resources information, assistance writing a business plan, financial planning and so many more resources that many new business owners don’t realize are a necessity until it is too late. I am excited to help fill a much needed gap in small business start ups and helping them be successful!

As always, feel free to contact my office. My office phone number is 402-471-2731 and my email is

Sen. Suzanne Geist

District 25
Room 1110
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2731
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