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Sen. Matt Hansen

Sen. Matt Hansen

District 26

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News for the 26th
March 29th, 2018

Greetings Northeast Lincoln!

The Nebraska Legislature has been in full swing as the session winds down. With eight days left in the 105th Legislature, Second Session, before we adjourn sine die on April 18th, there is still much to be done and many bills still left to be debated. We have been working “late nights” lately, an opportunity to work into the evening and accomplish more in our short time left.

Prairie Wolves Championship Resolution

To congratulate Nebraska Wesleyan University men’s basketball team on winning the 2018 NCAA Division III Championship, I introduced LR 367. Senator Bolz, Senator Hilkemann, and Senator Howard co-signed LR367. Congratulations to the Prairie Wolves!


Interim Study Resolution Introduction

As the interim approaches, senators have introduced interim study resolutions stating their intent and authorizing committees to perform an interim study on a particular topic or question. Interim studies allow us to dive deeply into topics during the interim, and determine effective policy solutions to potentially introduce as bills during the next legislative session. This year, I have introduced six interim study resolutions.
LR370 is an interim study to conduct a review of issues arising from the lack of mental health treatment for those in the criminal justice system. LR391 is an interim study to examine the effects on elections should Nebraska switch to an all vote-by-mail system. LR392 is an interim study to examine neighborhood issues and potential neighborhood improvement tools. LR415 is an interim study to examine the effectiveness of current law  as it relates to the imposition of bail and the requiring of money bonds for misdemeanors and city ordinance violations. LR432 is an interim study to examine issues faced by renters in Nebraska including rental deposits and fees, recourse for renters when rights are violated, and other issues. LR433 is an interim study to evaluate the availability of affordable housing in Nebraska municipalities with an emphasis on rental housing.



Sen. Matt Hansen

District 26
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