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Matt Hansen

Sen. Matt Hansen

District 26

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With the end of the year approaching, our office has been making the final preparations for the upcoming session. Interim committee meetings are slowly winding down in anticipation for a very lively and productive start to 2019. I am excited for the constituents of District 26 to get to see what we have been working on during this interim period. I hope you continue to feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns. District 26 is always my number one priority.

Visiting Gateway Vista

Gateway Vista is one of Lincoln’s premier senior living facilities for Retirement and Assisted Living. On November 13th, I had the pleasure of engaging with the residents and staff on their campus and getting to know more about the issues on their minds. Gateway Vista is a valuable asset to District 26 and it was a pleasure to be invited there and to have such a great discussion with the residents.

Giving Thanks at the People’s City Mission

The People’s City Mission has been a vital part of Lincoln for decades. It’s mission — to feed and shelter the homeless and impoverished — provides a wonderful sense of charity and community. On November 21st, I was humbled by the opportunity to serve families at the Mission, in a bipartisan effort to give back hosted by Governor Pete Ricketts. It was a wonderful experience that brought various members of government from all different perspectives together to share thanks and volunteer in our community.

Civic Nebraska Collective Impact Meeting

This past Saturday, December 1st, my legislative aide, Courtney Lyons, and I attended a community conversation hosted by Collective Impact Lincoln, a project to address the needs of Lincoln formed by Civic Nebraska, Nebraska Appleseed, and South of Downtown Community Development Organization. The conversation, held at Huntington Elementary School, was to get community input on how to address the high cost of housing, both for renters and homeowners. Civic Nebraska is a powerful resource in Lincoln and a strong authority on community-building and civic engagement. I was happy to be able to attend the event and be a part of the dialogue.

The Nebraska Legislative Process — What Happens During the Interim

How does a Senator effectively create law? As the session approaches, we will be highlighting the legislative process here in Nebraska. Here are a few key facts to help you understand the process starting with what happens during the interim period.

When a Senator wants to change or create a law, typically it begins with research by staff to help show the possible remedies and nuances to that problem or issue. Research is conducted during the interim, which is the summer through fall. During this time depending on the scope or significance of the issue, meetings are held with community leaders and sometimes committees consider the issues presented in interim study resolutions. The interim is a crucial window in which the Senator has time to digest the issues affecting his district and find possible solutions to present during the session.

Next month, we will delve into bill drafting and introduction.

Thank you for your continued support and Happy Holidays from our families to yours!

Sen. Matt Hansen

District 26
Room 2010
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2610
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