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Patty Pansing Brooks

Sen. Patty Pansing Brooks

District 28

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LB 407 Creates Task Force to Examine Health Issues Caused by Alcohol


LINCOLN – Senator Patty Pansing Brooks, District 28, introduced LB 407 today, which creates the Whiteclay Public Health Emergency Task Force. The bill was cosigned by Senators Brett Lindstrom, Tom Brewer, Roy Baker, Sue Crawford, Mike McDonnell, Mark Kolterman, and Anna Wishart.

The Task Force will collect, examine, and analyze data on the following, among other things:

  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other health conditions related to alcoholism
  • Access to treatment and detoxification facilities, telehealth, distance learning, and other health resources for those affected by the consumption of alcohol
  • Children who are at risk of continuing the cycle of alcoholism without outside intervention
  • Effectiveness of policies, procedures, and programs implemented by other states directed towards Native American populations as they relate to preventing and combatting alcoholism
  • Sources of federal, state, and private funds for prevention, detoxification, treatment, rehabilitation, and economic development.

“For far too long we have ignored the immediate safety, economic, and treatment needs of those affected by the predatory alcohol sales in Whiteclay,” said Senator Pansing Brooks. “This Legislation is a much needed step in addressing the myriad of issues facing Whiteclay. The genocide occurring through the sale of alcohol is our problem as Nebraskans, and we are complicit. We have an obligation to work towards fixing those problems. Together, everyone can play a part in helping turn Whiteclay from a dismal area of despair, into a place of hope and healing.”

The Task Force will also seek to encourage participation and obtain input from academic and medical experts, as well as non-profit organizations, faith-based institutions, and city, county, and tribal government officials to evaluate and develop strategies and solutions to help victims escape alcoholism.

The Task Force will be composed of an Executive Committee and an Advisory Committee. Members of the Task Force will include state legislators, university officials, state government agency officials, public health experts, as well as the Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

The Task Force will create a long-range strategic plan which will set measurable goals and benchmarks. This plan will include recommendations for future actions that may be needed to attain the goals and benchmarks previously established in order to decrease the incidence of alcohol-related health problems.

After first visiting Whiteclay, Senators Lindstrom, Baker, and Senator Pansing Brooks developed a multi-faceted approach to aid the people of Pine Ridge, Sheridan County, and Whiteclay. These include:

  1. Establishment of a Nebraska State Patrol substation and/or enhanced patrol hours in Whiteclay to enforce laws.
  2. Condemnation and removal of abandoned buildings where crime and trafficking occur.
  3. Creation of a drug and alcohol detox and treatment center combined with a job training program.
  4. Expansion of Economic Development opportunities in Whiteclay and Sheridan County.
  5. Establishment of wireless broadband for enhanced public safety, telehealth and distance learning opportunities.








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District 28
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