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Sen. Kate Bolz

Sen. Kate Bolz

District 29

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Lancaster County recently released their new preliminary property values report, which will be the basis for property tax bills in 2020. Because of increasing home values, many residents of LD29 will see an increase in home valuation, and subsequent property tax bill. In order to see your new assessed value, you can visit the Lancaster County Assessor’s website at 

On March 25, the finalized valuation changes will be posted on the Lancaster County Assessor website. At this point, if you feel that your protest was not properly evaluated, there is a formal appeals process through the Nebraska Tax Equalization and Review Commission that is outlined in this document.

The timeline for the appeals process is listed here and the formal complaint must be filed by June 1. You can also contact the Tax Equalization and Review Commission directly at (402) 471-2842 if you have specific questions about this process. As always, you can contact my office at (402) 471-2734 for other questions.

One of my goals while in the legislature has been to shape our state’s tax discussion to include the effect that property taxes have on residential property taxpayers. As a member of the appropriations committee, I have supported increases in the Property Tax Cash Fund, a dedicated fund that directly reduces the property taxes you pay. Additionally, this year I’ve introduced legislation, LB420, to create a property tax “circuit breaker” which provides a tax credit in the event that property taxes increase significantly compared to a person’s income. The bill will have a hearing on Thursday, February 21 at 1:30 in the Revenue Committee. 



CONTACT: Senator Kate Bolz, (402) 802-8312,

Senator Kate Bolz Introduces Legislation to Make Child Care More Affordable for Working Families

February 7, 2019 (Lincoln, NE) — Tomorrow in the Health and Human Services Committee, Senator Kate Bolz will introduce LB329, a bill to expand eligibility for Nebraska’s successful child care subsidy. The program helps Nebraskans work, find a job, or pursue education while subsidizing child care costs, and creating a path out of poverty for low-income working parents.

“Nebraska’s economy benefits when working parents have access to safe and affordable child care,” states Senator Bolz.

LB329 would allow more working poor families to access child care assistance.  The eligibility limits were dramatically decreased in 2002. LB 329 would modestly raise the  Nebraska’s Child Care subsidy eligibility to 165% of the federal poverty level, or roughly $27,159 for a single parent and one child. In 2018, the annual cost of child care for an infant in Nebraska averaged $7,926. Currently, eligibility is limited to those making 130% of the federal poverty level, or $21,398 for the same family. 

The outsized costs of child care leaves Nebraska parents with few options, “My income meets my budget needs. Once this baby is born, I will be short $800/month unless I can find a child care that will take a toddler and infant for $1000/month, so far, that doesn’t exist – even for in home providers,” said Omaha mother Bobbi Jo Howard. “My electricity, car payment, car insurance, fuel, and food costs are also as low as they can be. I don’t subscribe to cable and my phone bill is currently covered by a family member. However, my child care, despite charging in the lower range for a center in the Omaha area, has wiped out my reserves and will soon be completely unaffordable when the child I am carrying is born.”

LB329 would also extend eligibility after 12 months to 200% of federal poverty level and bring Nebraska into compliance with federal regulations by removing the 24-month limit for families below 200% of federal poverty level and revising the requirements for background checks.

“Without Nebraska’s child care subsidy, many working Nebraskans would be unable to maintain employment and find a stable child care provider,” said Senator Bolz. “Raising Nebraska’s child care subsidy gives working parents the opportunity to continue their jobs, without fearing that their kids are not safe. LB329 will help to ensure that every child in Nebraska has the supports necessary for healthy growth and development.”

Senator Kate Bolz of Lincoln represents District #29 in the Nebraska Legislature



PRESS RELEASE Sen Bolz Child Care Subsidy 2-7-19

Senator Bolz LB563 Statement
February 5th, 2019

February 5, 2019


CONTACT: Senator Kate Bolz, (402) 802-8312,

Senator Bolz issued the following statement in advance of the LB563 hearing in the Education Committee today:

“The Access College Early Tech Promise Act will give Nebraska high school students a jump start on college classes toward Career and Technical Education. The scholarships provided in LB563 will help students access these programs and provide valuable foundation for future career success.

With February being Career and Technical Education month, there’s no better time for our state to give these students the tools to excel in these high demand fields, and help solve our state’s ongoing workforce shortages.”

Senator Kate Bolz of Lincoln represents District 29 in the Nebraska Legislature


2018 Senator Bolz LB563 Statement 2-5-19

We are pleased to be back at work in the 2019 Legislative Session!  We continue to work hard to represent your interests in the Nebraska Unicameral. It will be an exciting year continuing to work to balance the budget while protecting priorities like education and health care, and discussing important legislation related to reform of the Department of Correctional Services, tax relief, and more.

We want to share information with you about this legislative session. Please keep in touch with us!

How to Reach District #29

Please feel free to contact us in the following ways:

Senator Kate Bolz
Nebraska State Capitol, 1455 K St.
Room 1015
PO Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509

Phone Number:
Office: (402) 471-2734
Kate’s Cell: (402) 802-8312

Senator Bolz’s Agenda
This year, we will focus on a number of priorities for District #29.  They include:

  • LB 174: Increasing funding for the Office of Violence Prevention’s community violence prevention grants to keep our community safer.
  • LB 420Focusing property tax relief on those who need it most by providing a circuit breaker when home values outpace a home owner’s income.
  • LB 109Creating a system for fair pay and recognition of experience in our wage structure for Department of Correctional Services staff members and encourage employee retention.
  • LB 180LB 527and LB 563Higher education and workforce development policy to promote higher-skilled workers in Nebraska, helping employees and employers alike.

How to Follow Legislation

  • Bill TrackerThe Bill Tracker provides a way to track legislative activity in an organized way. Nebraskans can receive email updates for up to 15 bills simultaneously, allowing you to track legislation as it receives a hearing date, committee vote, or moves forward on the floor.
  • Unicameral UpdateThe Unicameral Update is the Legislature’s daily news source, produced by the Clerk of the Legislature’s Unicameral Information Office. The Unicameral Update publishes articles on legislative activity, floor action, and committee hearings.



CONTACT: Senator Kate Bolz, (402) 802-8312,

Senator Kate Bolz Introduces Legislation to Enhance Community Violence Prevention in Nebraska

January 11, 2019 (Lincoln, NE) — Senator Kate Bolz introduced legislation today to give Nebraska cities, police departments and nonprofits additional tools to fight violent crime in their communities. The legislation, cosponsored by Senator Robert Hilkemann, would increase the appropriation for Nebraska’s Office of Violence Prevention to $1,525,000 and create a new partnership with the University of Nebraska Medical Center for enhanced data analysis and program evaluation.

“We all continue to be shocked and saddened by instances of violence in our state, and we know the tragic outcomes that happen when we fail to prevent violent incidents in our communities,” said Senator Kate Bolz. “It’s time that we increase our state’s preventative measures against violence.  We have over a decade of data showing that Nebraska’s Office of Violence Prevention empowers local governments and organizations to prevent violence in their communities and we should act on this.”

Nebraska’s Office of Violence Prevention was established in 2009 and provides over $350,000 in competitive grants process to organizations that have shown a history of documented success in helping reduce crime in Nebraska. Programs which can provide evidence-based strategy or proven success are prioritized for funding. Grantee organizations include municipalities, police departments, and nonprofits.

Before introducing the bill, Senator Bolz was joined by Lincoln Mayor Chris Beutler, Omaha Senator Robert Hilkemann, Lincoln Police Captain Jason Stille, Omaha mother Salinas, Leadership Lincoln students and a number of community supporters, who pledged support for the measure.

“Keeping Nebraskans safe should be among our highest priorities as elected officials, and part of any statewide plan to reduce crime and violence involves prevention,” said Senator Kate Bolz.

Specific grantee examples include the City of Omaha’s web-based gang database project and analyst that streamlines information to provide data-informed gang policing; Lancaster County’s Operation Tipping Point, which teams Lincoln police with community partners coordinate meetings with LPS, parents and schools to reduce gang membership; the Village Basketball Alliance, which runs a 100 student basketball league shown to increase pro-social behaviors and decrease acceptance of gangs; and the Urban Youth B.O.L.T. program has averaged a total of 80 graduates annually in a 10 week program to that targets youth with minor criminal charges and works to increase positive societal attitudes through reinforcement of families and their peers.

Senator Kate Bolz of Lincoln Represents District 29 in the Nebraska Legislature




CONTACT: Senator Kate Bolz, (402) 802-8312,

Senator Bolz Introduces Sexual Assault Survivor Bill of Rights

January 9, 2019 (Lincoln, NE) — In her first action of the 2019 session, Senator Kate Bolz introduced legislation today to create a Sexual Assault Survivor Bill of Rights meant to ensure survivors of sexual assault in Nebraska receive the necessary supports available to them during medical and law enforcement interactions.

“Survivors of sexual assault have existing rights within our legal system and deserve to have information about these rights presented to them in a clear manner,” said Senator Kate Bolz. “This bill will provide survivors with important information about the formal and informal supports available to them in the medical system and about the options available to them in the criminal justice system.”

Senator Bolz first announced her intention to bring this bill forward in October 2018 after hearing from those affected by sexual assault throughout the interim, “This was inspired by constituents who reached out to me about the need to update existing laws concerning sexual assault. We must make sure we are effective in providing assistance and answers to those seeking help.”

The legislation was developed with the assistance and support of the Nebraska Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence. The legislation requires that survivors be notified of their existing rights under current law when contacting law enforcement or medical personnel. The rights of survivors of sexual assault include:

  • The right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect;

  • The right to consult with a sexual assault counselor or victims advocate;

  • The right to be informed;

  • The right to be heard and participate in the criminal justice process;

  • The right to timely disposition of the case;

  • The right to notice about the status of the case; and

  • The right to apply for compensation.

Each day hundreds of Americans are affected by sexual violence. Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted and every 8 minutes, that victim is a child. The Sexual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights will give survivors consistent guidelines and information during an uncertain and traumatic time.

Senator Kate Bolz of Lincoln Represents District 29 in the Nebraska Legislature


Sen. Kate Bolz

District 29
Room #1015
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2734
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