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Kate Bolz

Sen. Kate Bolz

District 29

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District #29 Survey
July 3rd, 2018

As your State Senator, focusing on the priorities that matter most to you is important to me. Let me know what you think by filling out our Legislative District #29 Survey.

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Your suggestions, ideas, and concerns are important to me! You are also welcome to call my office at (402) 471-2743 or email me at

Legislative District #29 Survey Link

Paraeducator Workforce Survey
October 10th, 2017

This summer, I worked with Project PARA to conduct a survey of Nebraska’s paraeducators. Project PARA is a University of Nebraska – Lincoln partnership between the State of Nebraska and Nebraska school districts to provides school based training and instructional resources designed to give schools flexibility in using paraeducators. It contains 14 units and three assessments that cover a variety of topics to aid paraeducators with the development of skills needed to work effectively in a classroom setting.

The last major surveys of paraeducators in Nebraska were conducted in the early 1980s, and subsequent guidelines published in 1991. These guidelines are the basis of the current Project PARA trainings. The goal of the paraeducator survey is to provide data to guide educational, administrative, and policy related decision making. You review our findings by clicking the memo link above.

Link to the Report of the Behavioral and Mental Health Task Force

Lincoln, NE (December 1, 2016) —  The Legislature’s Behavioral and Mental Health Task Force released a set of recommendations today following its examination of Nebraska’s behavioral health system’s adequacy to provide services to individuals.

The report contains 18 recommendations in the areas of sustainability, workforce development needs, high needs populations, community support, and specific needs populations.

“The recommendations of the Behavioral and Mental Health Task Force are aimed at reducing gaps in coverage, increasing availability of services in community based settings, and creating more preventative and cost-effective responses to mental and behavioral health needs,” said Senator Kate Bolz, chair of the Task Force.

The Task Force came to its recommendations following meetings with government agencies, behavioral health service providers, consumers of behavioral health services, rural advocates for behavioral health, advocates for those experiencing disabilities and representatives from hospitals. Additionally, a public hearing was held on June 28th.  

The Behavioral and Mental Health Task Force was created by the legislature in the spring of 2016 by LR413. The resolution was introduced following a recommendation from the Legislative Performance Audit Committee that the legislature create ongoing oversight of the state’s behavioral and mental health system.  

The Task Force includes the following members of the the Legislature:

Senator Kate Bolz, District #29, Chair

Senator Sara Howard, District #9, Vice-Chair

Senator Sue Crawford, District #45

Senator John McCollister, District 20

Senator Heath Mello, District 5

Senator Jim Scheer, District 19

Senator Les Seiler, District 33

Thank you to all who completed the District #29 Legislative Survey! 

While the interim session survey is now complete, you are always welcome to call my office at (402) 471-2743 or email me at to let me know your legislative priorities.

Thank you!

Sincerely, Senator Kate Bolz

Our state has many boards and commissions that provide Nebraskans a voice in state government and the chance to make a difference.  

Openings include those on the ServeNebraska/Volunteer Service Commission, the Motor Vehicle Licensing Board, Children’s Commission, and Library Commission. Additionally, openings exist on new boards created by the legislature, such as the Nebraska Craft Brewery Board and the Commission on Military and Veterans Affairs. The full list of vacancies are sorted by positions that have been open since January of this year, those that have been vacant since last year, and those that are expected to become vacant through the end of 2016.

If you’re interested in being considered for an appointment to a board or commission, you can complete a printable Application for Executive Appointment form, or fill out the online form on the Governor’s website.   

For additional questions about this process you can contact Kathleen Dolezal by calling (402) 471-1971 or by emailing her at

As always, if you have any questions or input on state government in general, you are always welcome to call my office at (402) 471-2734.

A Note from Kate

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the business of the Nebraska Legislature! This session the Nebraska Unicameral will continue to address important issues like property taxes, corrections reform, and education. Here are a few updates on our work for the District – I am honored to continue to serve your interests in the Nebraska Unicameral.

Sincerely, Senator Kate Bolz

2015 Legislative Session Issues

Many priority issues will be debated in the 2015 Legislative session. A few of these issues include:
1. Corrections Reform: Keeping our communities safe is a top priority. Legislation to promote stronger risk assessments for inmates before they are released into the community and strengthening our process for identifying people who should be considered for commitment will be debated in the coming weeks. I will continue to promote efforts to promote the public safety.

2. Tax Relief: Property tax relief is an important issue, specifically for homeowners in the district, and will be debated this session. I support efforts to help homeowners. I also have promoted legislation to increase our state’s tax credits for families that have child care expenses.

District #29 Priorities
I’m pleased to report that several of my personal priority bills are moving forward this session. Here are a few specific updates:

1. LB 320: Aging & Disability Resource Centers:

Nebraska’s population is aging, and it is a smart strategy to prepare for our future needs. LB 320 will create Aging & Disability Resource Centers. These centers would serve as information hubs for the aging and disabled, as well as their families.

2. Workforce Development:
One priority of the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce is promoting development of our skilled workforce. LB 36, which was supported by the Chamber, would offer tuition assistance for individuals pursuing higher education in short-term programs in high-demand fields to fill emergent workforce needs. I’m pleased to report that this legislation was included in the Education Committee’s legislative package this year.

Thank you for your interest in YOUR Nebraska Unicameral!

** Visitors from Calvert Elementary
Several students from Calvert Elementary School came by to present a map of District #29 that now hangs proudly in my office. Thank you, students and teachers of LPS, for all that you do for our state!

Contact Kate
I am always willing to listen to your concerns or hear your ideas. My staff members, Dan Jenkins and Jacob Fricke, are also always happy to help. Send me an email at or give us a call at (402) 471-2734.

I condemn the harsh rhetoric about law enforcement used by Sen. Chambers. I do not support any statement that crosses the line and supports an act of violence.  Further, I do support the individuals who protect our communities every day and I further commit to doing my best to use my position as State Senator to create safer communities for all of us.

I stand with many other Senators on this issue, as covered by the Lincoln Journal Star this week:


Thank you,


Senator Kate Bolz

District #29

2014 Constituent Survey
May 24th, 2014

Hello – Please share your thoughts with me about our policy priorities for District #29.  Thank you for your time and input.


A Note from Kate

The 2014 Legislative Session wrapped up on April 17th. Thank you all for your input and support this year. It was a successful session for many of the legislative issues that are important to District #29 residents; including education, tax policy, human services, and more. I am honored to continue to serve your interests in the Nebraska Unicameral.

Sincerely, Senator Kate Bolz

2014 Session Highlights

These are just a few of the highlights that I found important in the 2014 session.


The Nebraska Unicameral continued its commitment to early childhood education this year; including passage of my bill, LB 944, which provides technical assistance to early childhood settings serving children with high behavioral needs. Other education related legislation included:

LB 483: This bill creates a “troubleshooting team” for struggling schools.

LB 1103: Education Committee Chairwoman Kate Sullivan promoted this bill to create a statewide strategic plan for education in Nebraska. We will share more information about opportunities to provide your input as they become available.


As a member of the Tax Modernization Committee, I am pleased to report that several of our recommendations moved forward this session. This balanced, moderate set of proposals makes good fiscal sense for individual taxpayers and for our economy:

LB 986: Expansion of the homestead exemption program to include more modest income seniors and Nebraskans with disabilities.
Budget Bill: An additional $25 million dollars was added to the Property Tax Credit Fund.

LB 987: Indexing of individual income tax brackets for inflation, as well as expansion of the tax exemption of Social Security Benefits for moderate income Nebraskans and certain military retirement income.


I am glad to report that my priority bill, LB 690, passed the Unicameral this session. This bill will improve long-term strategies for assisting senior citizens with staying in their homes as they age, the preference of many Nebraskans. Further, LB 690 creates an aging task force to plan for the future. Other initiatives that I supported include:

Budget Bill: Additional funding for the developmental disabilities waiting list.

LB 901: Legislation training educators and community members regarding suicide prevention.

Are you looking for details about a particular bill? Do you want to learn more about the critical issues addressed this session? Visit the Unicameral update to learn more:

Thank you for your interest in YOUR Nebraska Unicameral!

Sen. Kate Bolz

District 29
Room 1015
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2734
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