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Sen. Roy Baker

Sen. Roy Baker

District 30

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March 13 weekly update

March 13th, 2017


On March 7, the Department of Health and Human Services notified employees at the Beatrice State Developmental Center that there would be 39 employees laid off by April 1st.  The agency stated it was ‘right-sizing’ the staffing needs of the facility.  Currently 110 residents live on the Beatrice campus and numbers have been declining over the years.  The main impetus for reductions in state institutions across the country is a United States Supreme Court decision in 1999, referred to as the Olmstead decision. This decision states that people with mental (and developmental) disabilities should be served in the least restrictive environment if the placement is appropriate and the person desires to be served in the community. The focus of care and placement has been toward community based programs.  With the declining enrollment at BSDC, the Department of Health and Human Services has been evaluating staffing to meet all regulatory requirements, provide quality care but eliminate redundancy in staffing.

I have met many residents and family members of residents at BSDC.  Families and residents alike appreciate and value the care provided by BSDC.  They speak highly of the staff and the environment of the campus and the inclusion in activities in the community.  The staff is caring and invested in providing the highest level of care to the residents.

Lay-offs are not easy, I know.  When the Department contacted me, they assured me the employees would be given priority placement for other job openings, per the bargaining agreement, for placement in Beatrice and surrounding areas.  As with any declining enrollment, reduction in the workforce is inevitable.


LB 666 by Senator John Lowe would clarify the correct method of transporting a concealed firearm.  The bill would allow any person to transport a firearm, if unloaded and in the manufacturer’s packaging or a case designed for the storage or transport of firearms, to do so legally.  The Nebraska Supreme Court found that a person is in violation of the concealed carry law if a weapon is in a person’s immediate reach, which includes a locked glove box.  This bill would help ensure people are following the law. The bill is still in committee.

LB 25 was a bill before the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee on March 8th.  The bill would re-instate the winner-take-all method of assigning electoral votes in a presidential election.  Under Nebraska law, the winner of the statewide popular vote receives two Electoral College votes, the remaining three Electoral College votes are given to the popular vote within each congressional district.  Senator John Murante of Gretna would like to see all five of Nebraska’s electoral votes go to the statewide popular vote winner.  Nebraska changed its law in 1996 to split its electoral votes.  Supporters of LB 25 stated returning to a winner-take-all gives Nebraska more influence in the national election process.  Nebraska and Maine are the only two states which have a split system.  Other states have considered it, but have not had the votes to change those state’s laws.

On Sunday, March 12, Nebraskans once again turned their clocks forward for the start of daylight saving time (DST).  I have heard from some constituents that this ‘spring forward’ and ‘fall back’ for day-light savings is confusing, aggravating and for some, a downright waste of time. I invite you to contact me and let me know your opinion on the state’s participation in DST. LB 309 deals with this issue.

To reach me, call 402-471-2620 or email me at My state website can be found at

Sen. Roy Baker

District 30
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