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Sen. Roy Baker

Sen. Roy Baker

District 30

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March 23rd Update

March 23rd, 2018

March 23, 2018 – Legislative Update

In the remaining days of session a sense of urgency has set in.  Urgency for the senator whose priority bill remains unheard; urgency for the budget bill to move forward; urgency for a property tax relief bill to be discussed; urgency because time is now the ticking down on legislative days in the 105th, second session of the legislature. Debate on some of these bills has been protracted because of controversial issues.  Many of these bills are coming to the floor late in the session because the committees had to work through some of the controversy.  Once the bills are on the floor, the disagreement doesn’t go away – it just expands to all 49 members who have different perspectives on the issue.  Some issues are deeply imbedded within a bill and if not for that one particular point, the bill could be debated in a less heated manner.

One such bill is LB 944, which helps address additional budgetary shortfalls for this next fiscal year. The budget has taken center stage this past week with some debate focused on the University, but primarily discussion, and heated discussion, was on language in the bill to restrict federal Title X funds to organizations that may offer or refer a client for abortions.  I supported an amendment by Senator Anna Wishart regarding Title X funds that “would prohibit funds from being disbursed to an organization that uses abortion as a method of family planning or to an organization that provides directive counseling in favor of abortion. It also would require that entities receiving Title X funding submit a detailed monthly record of expenditures to the state Department of Health and Human Services.” (Unicameral Update)

I fully support Senator Wishart’s amendment.  It protects Title X funds from being used for abortions, which was already the law, but it also provides accountability for Title X funds. I believe this is a compromise that tries to appease senators on both sides.

Another bill receiving extended debate is LB 295 offered by Senator Jim Smith.  The bill would provide a non-refundable tax credit equal to the amount the taxpayer contributed to a scholarship-granting organization. The Committee Amendment, which becomes the bill, would allow a tax credit as follows: Individuals – $10,000 if married filing jointly; $5,000 all other taxpayers; Partnerships, LLC’s and S Corporations – $50,000; Trusts and Estates – $50,000; and Corporations – $150,000.

It should come as no surprise that I am opposed to LB 295. Having spent my career in public education, I believe state dollars should go toward public schools.  Tax credits are basically an exemption on taxes that are owed to the state on a person’s or corporation’s income.  The more tax credits given away, whether for corporations in the Advantage Act or for tax credits under the Opportunities Scholarship Act, the greater the reduction in tax receipts that would have come to the state’s General Fund but would now be exempt.

LB 295 is bad state policy because it erodes the income tax owed to the state and redirects it to private schools.  I have no problems with a person or a corporation wanting to support a private school with a donation, but to ask the state to designate it as a tax credit is wrong.

For the past week the legislature has been going to 10 pm or later to try to debate as many bills as possible.  The long hours of debate lead to short tempers but the sense of urgency I talked about only increases.

Your opinions and concerns are vital as we finish up the last few days of session. Please contact me at 402-471-2620 or To track any legislation, go to the website at


Sen. Roy Baker

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