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Sen. Roy Baker

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April 6 Update

April 6th, 2018

And then there were four. April 6 was the fifty-sixth day of the session.  Four legislative days remain.  On the last day of this last full week, a bill came forward by Senator Curt Friesen that would allocate foundation aid to every student across the state regardless of the needs or resources of the school district.

The current state formula to send aid to schools is based on needs (student population, poverty, growth) minus resources (property tax revenue) which then equals aid.  This formula takes into consideration the local levy rate which school districts derive their funding.  Some school districts are at the maximum rate of $1.05 and some have even exceeded this rate by a vote of the district electorate.  However there are school districts whose levy rates are at $.60 cents or less.  The school districts in District 30 range from the high of a $1.05 per $100 to $.57 per $100 (based on 2015-16 data).  The disparity in the rates is due to a number of factors, districts that are land rich with low student populations tend to have lower rates.  Districts that have high student growth and do not have the same amount of land or property tend to tax higher.

Senator Tom Briese has been working on a bill, now an amendment, to look at eliminating sales tax exemptions and taxing more of the services industry. Part of Senator Briese’s bill would consider lowering the sales tax rate.  The amendment would include an increase in the income tax rates.  These items, coupled together, would help fund state aid to schools which would then lessen the burden on property tax payers. I often hear that a tax shift is wrong. The legislature is just robbing Peter to pay Paul. I would make the assertion that if Paul has been paying inordinately more than Peter, it is time for Peter to bear his fair share.  So yes it is a shift but one I think needs to be part of the discussion.

Another issue debated this week was voter identification requirements.  LR 1 CA brought by Senator John Murante would require a voter to show a driver’s license or state identification card to vote. Those who opposed the measure stated this resolution would be infringing on a constitutional right and should not be encroached on in any way.  This issue has been debated a number of times over the last few years.  Senator Murante knew he didn’t have the votes so with the agreement of the opposition, a cloture motion was made much earlier in the debate than ordinarily done.  The motion failed, killing the resolution for this session.

As the session is in its last days, there is a sense of urgency for some senators to pass their bills.  However at this late date, mostly controversial bills remain, which can mean protracted and sometimes contentious debate. This greatly narrows down the number of bills which can be taken up in the limited time remaining.

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