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Sen. Dan Quick

Sen. Dan Quick

District 35

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A photo from my visit to a Kenyan coffee farm. Kenyan coffee is considered by many to be among the best coffee in the world.

A county government official talking with me during a visit to a coffee farm outside of Nairobi.

County officials and me taking a photo after a meeting to discuss their county’s efforts to benefit farmers in the area.
From Friday, August 17, to Sunday, August 26, I participated in a local trade delegation to Kenya through the Grand Island Area Economic Development Corporation (GIAEDC) to discuss making Grand Island a distribution hub of Kenyan coffee in the United States and to explore opportunities to export goods and services from Nebraska to Kenya. We also shared ideas on how to improve agricultural practices in Kenya.
During the week, I met with coffee farmers and their families, county governors, members of parliament, the Minister of Agriculture, and the Deputy President. I also toured a coffee processing facility. Although I am not usually much of a coffee drinker, I enjoyed trying many delicious cups of coffee.
Kenyan coffee is considered by many to be among the best coffee in the world, and Kenya’s climate contributes to the flavorful beans grown in the country.
Our effort is to help the farmer sell directly to Nebraska and the U.S. market. This will benefit the farmer by allowing him to receive a better price for his produce, and it will benefit Nebraskans by providing an opportunity to buy and consume the best coffee in the world.
I am thankful for all of the people I met in Kenya for treating us like we were a part of their families, and I look forward to continuing discussions going forward.
Even though the 105th Legislature-Second Session adjourned for the year in April, my office has continued to stay busy by conducting research for interim studies, attending meetings, and preparing for committee hearings.
Urban Affairs Hearings
On August 28, the Urban Affairs Committee met in Omaha to hear four resolutions. We heard testimony on LR 398, Sen. Justin Wayne’s interim study to examine the impact on sanitary and improvement districts upon annexations by municipalities; LR 392, Sen. Matt Hansen’s interim study to examine neighborhood issues and potential neighborhood improvement tools; LR 397, Sen. Wayne’s interim study to examine the statutory authority for municipalities to establish port authorities; and LR 399, Sen. Wayne’s interim study to examine issues related to metropolitan transit authorities. Further hearings for LR 398 and LR 399 were held in Bellevue on September 4.
On September 25, we met here in Grand Island to hear three resolutions. We heard testimony on LR 319, my interim study to determine a sustainable revenue source for the Nebraska Main Street Network; LR 400, my interim study to examine issues related to the Nebraska Municipal Land Bank Act; and LR 433, Sen. Hansen’s interim study to evaluate the availability of affordable housing in Nebraska municipalities with an emphasis on rental housing. That afternoon, we met in Ord to hear further testimony on LR 400 and LR 433. I appreciated hearing from all who took the time to share their expertise or experiences with the committee, but I am especially thankful to those who took the time to speak on my interim studies.
Natural Resources Hearings
On August 31, the Natural Resources Committee met in Lincoln to discuss LR 387, Sen. Dan Hughes’s interim study to examine issues relating to the spread of Eastern Red Cedar trees. There was a very good turnout for this hearing, with many Nebraskans sharing their views on this invasive species affecting many in rural communities.
Farewell wishes to Katie Chatters & Craig Breunig…
Katie Chatters and Craig Breunig both served in my office since I was elected in 2016. Katie left as my Administrative Assistant to move to Pennsylvania with her family, and Craig retired as my Legislative Aide after working with the Legislature for 19 years. Please join me in thanking Katie and Craig for their dedication to District 35 and to the State of Nebraska.
…and welcome to Conner Kozisek & Sarah Wagelie!

Two new legislative staffers started in my office this summer. My new Legislative Aide is Sarah Wagelie (Left) and my new Administrative Assistant is Conner Kozisek (Right).
Conner Kozisek started as my new Administrative Assistant on August 20. He is from Ainsworth and recently received a B.A. in political science and Spanish from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Outside of the office, Conner enjoys watching and discussing films and visiting coffee shops with friends or a good book. His responsibilities include scheduling meetings for the office, helping me communicate with constituents, and assisting constituents with any problems they might have with the state. He is happy to answer any questions you may have at 402-471-2617 or at
Sarah Wagelie began as my new Legislative Aide on September 10. She is from Omaha and received her B.A. in political science from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 2016. She has experience working in the legislature, previously serving as the Administrative Assistant for Senator Matt Hansen’s office. In her free time, Sarah enjoys to stay involved with local politics and spend quality time with her cat, Oakley. Her responsibilities include assisting in legislative research for bills, resolutions, and interim studies, and drafting and advising legislation. She looks forward to answering your questions at 402-471-2617 or at

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Sen. Dan Quick

District 35
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