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Sen. Tyson Larson

Sen. Tyson Larson

District 40

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February 1, 2013 Legislative Update

Dear Residents of the 40th District,

On Monday, the Business and Labor Committee held a hearing on LB58, also known as the Workplace Privacy Act. LB58 is a bill I introduced to prohibit employers from gaining access to the private social networking accounts of their employees and job applicants. Overall, the hearing went well and generated much discussion on the issue of privacy on the Internet. The Business and Labor Committee will hold a vote to determine if LB58 moves out of committee and on to the next step of the legislative process.

Next week I will have three bills up for hearings in three different committees. LB248, which is a bill to create a seasonal employment exemption for unemployment benefits, will go before the Business and Labor Committee on Monday. LB354, which is a bill to restructure the Nebraska Corn Board, will be heard by the Agriculture Committee on Tuesday. On Thursday, the Judiciary Committee will debate LB246, which is a bill to create an inmate copayment program that would charge inmates a $10 copay for each self-initiated, non-emergency visit to a health care provider.

The Legislature will also have hearings on Governor Heineman’s tax proposals next week. LB405 and LB406 are the two bills that have been introduced on behalf of the Governor to eliminate the individual income and corporate income tax, in addition to eliminating sales tax exemptions. Many of you have reached out to me to voice your concerns about the impacts these changes would have on the agricultural community in Nebraska. I share many of the same concerns. I know how important the agricultural industry is to this State and I want to ensure that its interests are thoroughly contemplated when discussing this issue.

Finally, many constituents contacted my office about the speed limit on U.S. Highway 20 between Nebraska Highway 9 and Nebraska Highway 12. The speed limit had been set at 55 miles per hour and many of you had thought that speed to be too low for the area. I have been in frequent contact with the Department of Roads on the issue and recently received a letter from the Department stating that it will be raising the speed limit on that segment of U.S. Highway 20 to 60 miles per hour.

I enjoy hearing your comments or feedback on issues that are important to the people of District 40. I will be holding a meet and greet on Saturday, February 2, at 2pm at the Bloomfield Community Center to meet with you and answer any questions you may have. Please feel welcome to call, write, or visit the office that is here to represent you at (402) 471-2801 or at

Best Wishes,

Senator Tyson Larson

Sen. Tyson Larson

District 40
Room #1019
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2801
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