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Sen. Tyson Larson

Sen. Tyson Larson

District 40

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March 28, 2014 Legislative Update

Dear Residents of the 40th District,

At the end of this week we will have less than 10 days left of this legislative session.  On Monday, we spent the afternoon taking up bills on a special agenda called consent calendar.  Consent calendar is made up of bills that are non-controversial and do not have a fiscal impact.  I had two bills on consent calendar this year, LB697 and LB698.  LB697 would require the Department of Revenue to publish a list of tax delinquent properties across the state on its website.  LB698 would allow those living along state highways to apply for a hay harvest permit every year, instead of every other year, to mow and harvest hay along the right of ways.  Both bills were advanced to select file.

LB699 was also on the agenda on Monday.  This bill would allow individuals with developmental disabilities to obtain hunting permits if they meet certain qualifications.  It also eliminates from statute the hours requirement for the state’s hunter education programs.  LB699 was on final reading but what brought back to select file to add an amendment from Senator Lathrop.  This amendment, AM2566, removed from statute outdated and unnecessary language relating to a federal law regulation of the purchase and sale of firearms.  The NRA was very supportive of this amendment and I was happy to let Senator Lathrop use LB699 as a vehicle to get it passed.  LB699 passed on Thursday and will now go to the Governor for his signature.

We also discussed LB526, which is a bill introduced by Senator Howard to expand the scope of practice for optometrists.  This bill will allow optometrists the ability to prescribe certain medications,  make certain injections, and perform minor surgical procedures around the eyes.  I believe this bill will help expand access to these important services in rural areas across our state, especially in areas where there are few practicing ophthalmologists.   On Monday, we passed all three budget bills and sent them to the Governor for his approval or veto.  Any vetoes to items in the budget will likely be taken up soon.

Please feel welcome to call, write, or visit the office that is here to represent you at (402) 471-2801 or at

Best Wishes,

Senator Tyson Larson


Sen. Tyson Larson

District 40
Room #1019
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2801
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