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Tim Gragert

Sen. Tim Gragert

District 40

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I ran for the position of state senator on four main issues: pro-life, veterans, property taxes, and water quality. Since I was sworn in as a state senator in 2019, I have sponsored or co-sponsored the following bills:

                                 Senator Gragert – Legislation 2021               (as of 3/16/21)

Bills introduced

Bill # Description Committee Hearing Date Status
LB 75 Township libraries General Affairs 1-25-21 General File
LB 77 Patriot penalty Banking 1-25-21 Passed
LB 78 License plates – Veterans Affairs registry Transportation 1-25-21 General File
LB 395 Game & Parks depredation Natural Resources 1-28-21 GF – in LB 507

Comm. priority

LR 5 Healthy Soils report Agriculture 2-2-21 General File
Bills co-sponsored
Bill # Primary Sponsor Description Status
LB 4 Briese Tuition credits for reserves 50% to 75% community colleges Passed
LB 5 Blood Purple Stars School Act General File
LB 6 Blood Tweak of LB 153 to cover all military retirees Amended into LB 387
LB 10 Blood Disabled veteran definition changed to federal (more lenient) IPP
LB 36 Erdman National motto in schools In Education
LB 134 Brandt Require posting & reporting of tax incentive program information In Revenue
LB 195 Halloran Faithful Delegate to Federal Article V Convention Act In Government
LB 211 Murman Reflexologist Registration Act General File
LB 259 Halloran Civil action for damages sustained by public safety officers In Judiciary
LB 261 Linehan Grave markers for National Guard General File
LB 300 Slama Extend justification for the use of force to motor vehicles In Judiciary
LB 306 Brandt Eligibility requirements low-income home energy assistance pgm. General File

Brandt priority

LB 324 Brandt Nebraska Meat and Poultry Inspection Law General File

Ag Com. priority

LB 362 Halloran Ballot harvesting – allow 3rd party to collect and deliver ballots In Government
LB 387 Brewer (req. Gov.) Military retirement – 100% exempt from income tax Select File

Gragert priority

LB 389 Sanders (req. Gov.) Teaching certificates military spouses Select File

Sanders priority

LB 396 Brandt Nebraska Farm-to-School Program Act General File

Speaker Priority

LB 404 Lowe Concealed weapon permit – good for 10 years (was 5) In Judiciary
LB 417 Halloran Firearms on school grounds by full-time off-duty law enforcement In Judiciary
LB 418 Murman Solemn Covenant of the States to Award Prizes for Curing Diseases In HHS
LB 512 Brewer Critical Infrastructure Utility Worker Protection Act In Bus. & Labor
LB 543 Brandt Agriculture Equipment Right-To-Repair Act In Judiciary
LB 567 Bus. & Labor Changes benefits for unemployment insurance In Bus. & Labor
LB 581 Ben Hansen Motorcycle helmets In Transp & Tel
LB 583 Murman Electronic prescriptions for controlled substances General File

Speaker priority

LB 665 Bus. & Labor Deny claims against the state In Bus. & Labor
LB 666 Bus. & Labor Payment of claims against the state In Bus. & Labor
LB 670 Murman Design and placement of highway memorial signs In Transp & Tel
LB 671 Murman $300,000/year for assistive technology & equipment for farmers In Appropriation
LB 673 Murman Education Behavioral Awareness & Support Act In Education
LR 1 Blood Support for U.S. Space Command headquarters at Offutt Adopted
LR 14 Halloran Convention of States In Government

Halloran priority



Senator Gragert – Legislation 2020

Bills introduced

Bill # Description Committee Hearing Date Status
LB 769 Natural Resources Commission – resident Nat. Resources Jan. 29, 2020 Amended into LB 632 and passed
LB 770 Free park permits – disabled veterans Nat. Resources Jan. 30, 2020 Passed
LB 771 One license plate – pickups Transportation Jan. 28, 2020 In committee
LB 995 Loan assistance – rural attorneys Appropriations In budget – passed
LB 1108 Unclaimed property update Banking Feb. 24, 2020 In committee
Bills co-sponsored
Bill # Primary Sponsor Description Status
LB 752 Blood Service providers ask question if veteran Amended into LB 755 and passed
LB 814 Geist Prohibit dismemberment abortion Passed
LB 835 Halloran Update Nebr. Pure Food Act (obsolete egg handlers) Passed
LB 899 Hughes Public Power Districts – biofuels Passed
LB 904 Bolz Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute Withdrawn – in budget
LB 911 Quick Veterans Cemetery Grand Island Passed
LB 931 Halloran Seasonally harvested products maximum weight overload Passed
LB 937 Brewer Tribal flags – State Capitol Amended into LB 848 and passed
LB 946 Briese Impose sales tax on services, lower rate In Revenue
LB 963 Brewer First responders, frontline state employees – workers comp Passed
LB 1084 Kolterman UNMC – Nebr. Transformational Projects Act Amended into LB 1107 and passed
LB 1150 Brandt YRTC – Fully staff Geneva & Kearney Amended into LB 1188 and passed
LR 288 Slama Urge Congress and Corps of Eng. To prioritize flood control Adopted
LR 292 CA La Grone Voter ID In Government
LR 300 CA Erdman Consumption tax (eliminate sales,  income and property taxes) In Revenue


Senator Gragert – Legislation 2019

Bills introduced

Bill # Description Committee Hearing Date Status
LB 243 Healthy Soils Task Force Agriculture Jan. 29, 2019 Passed
LB 406 Unclaimed property Government Jan. 31, 2019 Passed
Bills co-sponsored
Bill # Primary Sponsor Description Status
LB 5 Blood Beginning Farmer Tax Credit Act – veterans Revenue 1/23
LB 6 Blood In-state residency of military family for college purposes Passed
LB 12 Blood Real Estate license fee exemption for military Passed
LB 15 Blood Children of Nebr. Hearing Aid Act Passed
LB 115 Blood Military on fedr. property, residents where property located Passed
LB 153 Brewer (at request of Gov.) Exclude 50% of military retirement benefits from state income tax Passed


LB 154 Brewer State Patrol collect data on missing Native American women Passed
LB 209 Albrecht Woman told possibility of reversing medication abortions Passed
LB 261 DeBoer Redistricting maps must use state-issued computer software Exec. Board 2/14
LB 263 Clements Fix 7 year option in current military retirement tax benefits Revenue 2/7
LB 279 Bostelman Sales tax exemption for food sold by veterans service org. Revenue 3/7
LB 291 Linehan Internet Sales tax – economic nexus, marketplace LB 284 Passed
LB 378 B. Hansen Repeal motorcycle helmet law for those 21 & older General File
LB 399 Slama Require civics portion of the Naturalization examination in 8th and 11th grade Passed
LB 413 Brandt Change Nebr. Advantage Act deadlines from 2020 to 2019 Revenue 3/6
LB 418 Cavanaugh Prohibit collecting medical debt if case pending in workers comp Passed
LB 424 Quick Nebr. Municipal Land Bank Act Passed
LB 451 Halloran Provide rules & procedures to create/guide a delegation to Article V convention Government 2/1
LB 477 Vargas Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards – tax exemption Passed
LB 497 Friesen Property tax relief plan Revenue 2/14
LB 511 Brewer Allow state employees to participate in youth mentoring program Passed
LB 575 Brewer Adopt school policy re: access of student info to military recruiters Passed
LB 611 Brandt Trains – two crew members Transp. 3/5
LB 626 Pansing-Brooks Create a Veterans Workforce Development Coordinator LB 138 Passed
LB 634 Hilkemann Require seat belts in new school buses Transp. 3/4
LB 660 Brewer Nebr. Brand Committee employ a  chief investigator Passed
LB 693 Halloran Neighbor Spoofing Protection Act Passed
LB 696 Bostelman Provide for military honor plates–Army & Air National Guard LB 138 Passed
LB 697 Bostelman Military license plates – eliminate $5 & $40 fee LB 138 Passed
LR 7 Halloran Convention of States – impose fiscal restraints & limit powers of federal government and term limits Government 2/1
LR 13 Murman Urge federal government to establish & enforce standards and product labeling for milk Adopted

Sen. Tim Gragert

District 40
Room 11th Floor
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2801
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