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Sen. Mike Groene

Sen. Mike Groene

District 42

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Home District Column 9/28/2017
September 28th, 2017

Column 9-28-17

Recently, free speech issues have risen at the state and national levels. A University of Nebraska-Lincoln student representing “Turning Point”, a college campus-based organization touting support of free markets and limited government, set up a table on the student union commons area to recruit like-minded fellow students.   She was asked to move out of the area by University staff and insulted by individuals with combative comments, vulgar gestures, and rude signage. Not all insults were hurled by fellow students as one would expect, but also by two University instructors. I am all for an exchange of ideas between college instructors and students framed by classroom debate. What made this situation different was the intimidation of this student by University employees in positions of power over her. I do not believe such behavior should be tolerated by government employees at the University of Nebraska. They should have been fired.

This past Sunday, many professional athletes used the playing of our National Anthem as an opportunity to make a political statement by kneeling or locking arms.  Their behavior was baffling, why would you choose to insult our flag?  It is the very symbol that flies above us representing the rights we share as Americans and waves to honor all who have fought to protect those rights.  It is our Constitution and flag that has continued to drive our country in the direction of justice for all. What is more baffling is these athletes are living the American dream: most received a free college education, the opportunity to use their God-given talents, and to be rewarded handsomely for their efforts.  Choosing to disrespect America on their time I can understand, but on that football field they are employees representing a professional organization. Since that is the case, don’t ask me what the score was.  I won’t be watching.

A local amateur columnist recently distorted my views on using our State’s tax policy as a tool for economic development. He twisted a point I had made earlier (that those representing eastern Nebraska claimed an auto plant located in their corner of the state would be an economic boon for Nebraskans, but when rural Nebraska asks for property tax relief as an economic stimulus, we are met with a deaf ear) into a rant about housing and his dislike of my refusal to be bullied by the local chamber during legislative debate. He also inferred that government policy should be made by self-proclaimed experts in lieu of elected officials.

I freely admit, my election was not supported by the leadership of the local or State Chamber of Commerce. Why? Because I do not support incentive programs that harm local property and sales tax bases, I favor property tax relief for everyone over income tax cuts, I do not support government picking winners and losers through taxation policy, and I understand that Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is for urban renewal in such areas as between Cody Park and B Street.

The majority of the business community that did support my election were the owners of small businesses and individuals who work for a paycheck.  I kept my word to them and in 2016, received a 100% approval rating by the National Federation of Independent Business.

This past session I continued to support small businesses by supporting a sales tax on internet purchases and I championed property tax relief efforts.  I fought and defeated an attempt by a few (not all) bankers, wealthy investors, and corporate home builders to add residential construction cost to TIF because it was unfair to independent owners of rental housing properties–who with their own sweat and money, invest in and refurbish older homes–and was equally unfair to independent home builders who adequately supply the new homes needed in our community.

Don’t let the naysayers who deem themselves economic development experts mislead you on North Platte’s economic vigor. Even with the drag of a down agriculture economy and a high property tax burden, our housing and rental markets are strong, local retail developers continue to have faith in the community and are building new storefronts, and the labor market is robust–the railroad is hiring.

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