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Sen. Sue Crawford

Sen. Sue Crawford

District 45

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Speaker Priority Bill Selected

Last week, I wrote about the priority bill process and discussed my personal priority bill for this session. This week I am happy to report that Speaker Adams chose LB 368 as one of his 25 Speaker priority bills as well. LB 368 creates job opportunities for 200 low-income Nebraskans and encourages job growth by minimizing risks involved in hiring new employees. I look forward to sharing this innovative program with my colleagues on the floor soon.

State-Local Commitments and Property Taxes

On Wednesday, I presented LB 581 to the Revenue Committee. LB 581 restores a previous commitment to Nebraska counties who collect motor vehicle sales taxes for the state. Sarpy Treasurer Rich James traveled to Lincoln to testify in support for the legislation and indicated it could bring as much as $100,000 back to Sarpy County in compensation for the work they do in collecting these taxes.

LB 581 is part of a larger personal commitment to restore balance and financial integrity in our relationships with county and city governments and school districts. When the state fails to fairly compensate local governments for tasks that they do for the state, the cost shift creates additional burden on property taxes.

Last Public Hearings of the Session

Wednesday also marked the last of the public hearings on bills I introduced this session. Many other committees have begun wrapping up this phase of the legislative session.  For example, the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee held its final public hearing last week while the Health and Human Services Committee had its final hearing on Thursday afternoon.

Next Wednesday afternoon will begin a new phase of the session: all-day floor debate.  This will allow the Legislature time to debate and consider the several hundred bills before the body, as well as the state’s budget, before adjournment in June.

In the District

On Friday, I, along with the other Sarpy county Senators, met with Sarpy Chamber of Commerce members, at Bellevue City Hall as part of the Sarpy Chamber’s Legislative Forum series.


(Speaking in the Bellevue City Council Chamber on Friday morning)

Friday’s meeting was the third of the session and the first held in Bellevue. The meeting generated some great discussion with those present. I am grateful to the City of Bellevue for hosting and to Sarpy Chamber for organizing the event!

Upcoming Events

Next Wednesday, the Bellevue Chamber Leadership Class will visit the Capitol as part of Bellevue Chamber’s Legislative Day.  The day will begin with meetings with state senators and other elected officials and end with a reception in the Governor’s Mansion. I look forward to joining the group for lunch and hope they enjoy their time in Lincoln!

The Nebraska Department of Labor is organizing an employment workshop for veterans and their spouses on Wednesday, March 27 from 4:00 to 7:00 PM at the Lincoln Career Center, 1010 N Street, Lincoln NE.  The workshop is in preparation for the ‘Hiring our Heroes’ fair on Tuesday, April 2nd at the Lancaster County Event Center.

For more information on the workshop, please call (402) 471-2438 or visit  For more on the Hiring our Heroes Job Fair, visit


Sen. Sue Crawford

District 45
Room #1016
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Lincoln, NE 68509
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