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Mike Hilgers

Sen. Mike Hilgers

Speaker of the Legislature

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A reminder that we have left one week of half-day floor debate before moving to full day debate. On Monday we will have consent calendar bills on all three stages of debate, followed by the bills from today’s agenda which we do not complete before adjournment. My goal for Tuesday and Wednesday will be to complete general file debate of as many non-controversial priority bills as feasible. I believe this will be a more efficient use of those mornings rather than beginning another bill likely to entail a filibuster.

As was my practice last year, the final day of each work week will continue to be primarily devoted to debating some of our “Christmas Tree” bills. On Thursday, I plan to schedule both Banking Committee priority bills, LB 707, which makes changes to banking law, and LB 863, a bill which makes changes to insurance laws. Both bills contain several other bills in their committee amendments. I would encourage senators to familiarize themselves with the provisions in both bills.

On today’s agenda, I do want to draw your attention to the Health Committee priority bill, LB 1173, and the General Affairs committee priority bill, LB 1236. Both bills also contain the provisions of other bills in their respective committee amendments.

With the conclusion of public hearings next week, I encourage committees to schedule some time for holding executive sessions next week on the priority bills still in their committee and any bills a committee believes could be a consent calendar eligible bill dependent upon the vote to advance. For consideration of a bill on one of our remaining consent calendars, a bill will need to be reported to general file no later than the morning of March 8.

Sen. Mike Hilgers

Speaker of the Legislature
Room 2103
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2673
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