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LR444 Tax Incentive Evaluation Committee

June 18th, 2014

Welcome to the web page for the Nebraska Legislature’s Tax Incentive Evaluation Committee. The Committee was created this past session pursuant to Legislative Resolution 444. The Tax Incentive Evaluation Committee is tasked with developing recommendations for specific and measurable goals for each tax incentive program; a process for the regular evaluation of tax incentives; who should conduct the evaluations and what types of metrics should be used; how often the evaluations should be conducted; and proposed legislation to put requirements for ongoing evaluations in statute.


Agenda for the September 25th meeting: updated 9.25 agenda

Handout documents:

Agenda for the July 24th meeting: 7.24 Agenda

Handout documents:

Nebraska Tax Incentives 2012 Annual Report to the Nebraska Legislature Issued July 15, 2013

Agenda for the June 19th meeting: 6.19 Agenda (rev)

Handout documents:

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