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Mike Hilgers

Sen. Mike Hilgers

Speaker of the Legislature

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Norris Legislative Chamber Access

  • Individuals permitted to enter the legislative Chamber will continue to be restricted. However, those restrictions have been modified and loosened for the special session. Specifically, the list of persons who will have access to the Chamber will be limited to:
    • members of the Legislature,
    • the Clerk and Clerk’s Office floor staff
    • the Sgt. at Arms
    • the legislative pages
    • the State Patrol
    • the Legislative Services Coordinator
    • the Chairman of the Executive Board’s staff
    • the Speaker’s staff
    • any Legislative Technology staff when needed
    • the Director of the Legislative Research Office and his staff
  • Legislative staff permitted on the floor, other than those identified earlier, will be contingent upon each bill under consideration or the immediate needs of a senator.
    • When a specific bill is being heard or an amendment is offered, the following staff will be allowed in the Chamber:
      • one staff member of the Principal Introducer
      • one staff member of an introducer of the present amendment or the amendment immediately following the present amendment.
    • When a committee confirmation report on a gubernatorial appointment is being heard the appropriate Committee Legal Counsel will be permitted in the chamber
    • Additionally, staff may be permitted onto the floor for specific needs that arise with a member. Examples of specific needs include the distribution of physical information or picking up and dropping off personal belongings. Staff permitted under these circumstances are not to remain in the Chamber and must leave the Chamber after the immediate need has passed. Only staff who are directly responsible for the present legislation or the legislation immediately following the present legislation will be allowed under the balconies. Sergeants within the chamber will be asking staff sitting under the balconies who are not directly attending to members to leave the floor.
    • Staff are encouraged to wear a mask on the floor.
  • The glass doors to the Rotunda will be accessible during session. Members and staff may enter and exit, however there will be no delivery of notes from the rotunda by the Sergeants

 Media Access

  • Media will be allowed on the floor in a limited capacity. Once the daily limit of media on the floor has been met, subsequent media will be asked to conduct business from the north balcony.

Balcony Usage

  • Members who have been directly exposed to Covid-19 will be allowed to participate in debate from the east balcony. A microphone will allow these members to engage in the debate.
  • The south balcony will be open to members of the public with social distancing procedures being followed, in conjunction with encouraged masking practices.

Doctor of the Day

  • There will be no Doctor of the Day program during the special session.


  • The opening prayer will be delivered by a senator each morning from the member’s seat.

Technology Issues

  • Legislative Technology staff will not be sitting on the floor each day. For technology assistance, senators will need to notify Dick Brown, or another member of the Clerk’s floor staff who will contact someone from the Technology office to assist the senator.

 Coffee, Tea, Water and Sponsored Food

  • Pages will resume getting coffee, tea, and water for members.
  • Food sponsored by groups or senators will not be distributed to members of the Legislature in the Chamber.

Hearings and Executive Sessions

  • The hearing rooms procedures, such as mask requirements and social distancing, will be enacted based on the discretion of the committee chair.

Submission of Testimony

  • The practice of submitted written testimony for public hearings on a bill or resolution will be discontinued. Only in-person testimony will be accepted and appear on the transcript.
  • The practice of submitted position letters to committee email addresses prior to the hearing will continue and be included as part of the official hearing record.
  • The submission of public comments to the online bill database will continue

Sen. Mike Hilgers

Speaker of the Legislature
Room 2103
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2673
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