About Us


Created in 1937, LRO has two major areas of responsibility: (1) legal and public policy research for legislators and staff and (2) maintaining the Legislative Reference Library.

We answer questions, provide information, analysis, maps, charts, and reference material to senators and legislative staff. We conduct objective research needed for legislation, constituent concerns brought to a legislator’s attention, interim studies, committee hearings, floor debate, and other situations when more information is required.

We also produce reports on various topics that have generated interest from legislators and staff and maintain the Legislative Reference Library. We can also help with surveys, presentations, and design work that you may need.



• Nancy Cyr, director
471-0077, ncyr@leg.ne.gov

• Kate Gaul, research analyst
471-0071, kgaul@leg.ne.gov

• Logan Seacrest, research analyst,
471-0065, lseacrest@leg.ne.gov

• LaMont Rainey, legal counsel
471-0064, lrainey@leg.ne.gov;

• Travis Moore, research analyst,
471-2222, tmoore@leg.ne.gov

• Tim Erickson, GIS analyst,
471-0078, terickson@leg.ne.gov

• Elice Hubbert, research analyst,
471-0075, mrasmussen@leg.ne.gov