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Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee

January 3rd, 2024

The Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee is responsible for processing legislation involving the following subject areas:

  • Banking (Financial Institutions)
    • banks; banking practices
    • Department of Banking and Finance
    • credit unions
    • building and loan associations
    • loans; interest; consumer credit; Nebraska Installment Sales Act
    • industrial loan and investment companies
    • public funds; investment; deposit
    • public bodies; authorities; issue bonds
  • Commerce
    • Uniform Commercial Code; trust administration; partnerships; corporations; limited liability companies; business trusts; securities; business entities
    • real estate; Real Estate Commission; abstracters; deeds
    • financial acts; economic development; Nebraska Investment Finance Authority
    • commercial development; trade
    • public accountancy; warranties; franchises
    • trade names and practices
  • Insurance
    • insurance companies; agents and brokers; guaranty associations
    • Department of Insurance; administration
    • policies; coverage; types of insurance; actions; liability
    • risk management
    • health maintenance organization

During session, the Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee meets on Mondays and Tuesdays in Room 1507 on the 1st Floor of the Capitol.

If you are not testifying in person on a bill and would like to submit a written position letter to be included in the official hearing record as an exhibit, the letter must be delivered to the office of the committee chair (or emailed to the committee chair) of the committee conducting the hearing on the bill by 5:00 p.m. on the last work day prior to the public hearing.

Additionally, the letter must include your name and address, state a position of for, against, or neutral on the bill in question and include a request for the letter to be included as part of the public hearing record.

Committee Members
  • Sen. Julie Slama, Chairperson
  • Sen. Raymond Aguilar
  • Sen. Beau Ballard
  • Sen. Eliot Bostar
  • Sen. George Dungan
  • Sen. Mike Jacobson
  • Sen. Kathleen Kauth
  • Sen. R. Brad von Gillern
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