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Sen. Joni Albrecht

District 17

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Weekly News–October 13, 2023
October 13th, 2023

It has been a busy few weeks in the district with many activities going on. I always enjoy traveling around my district to see what is happening. On October 11th, I was invited to come to Dakota County Government Day and visit with students about what happens at the state level. Following my time at the Dakota County courthouse, I traveled to Sioux City, Iowa to attend the Tri-State Governors’ Conference where Governor Pillen did a great job of talking about what he has been focusing on in his first year as governor.

This week I would like to share with you the second omnibus bill from the Transportation and Telecommunications Committee, LB138, which adopts updates to federal law relating to motor vehicles and motor carriers and changes provisions relating to transportation. This bill is an annual update bill which updates and adopts references to federal law and regulations to comply with referenced provisions from the United States Code and code of Federal Regulations. This bill changes certain civil penalties for motor carrier violations to match federal law. This bill also harmonizes and removes various obsolete statutory language.

  • LB199 provides changes in the law that authorize a “driving privilege card” for Ukrainian refugees who have settled in Nebraska and are ineligible for an “operator’s permit” (ordinary driver’s license).
  • LB91 repeals Nebraska’s motorcycle and moped helmet requirement, beginning January 1, 2024. Under the bill’s provisions, an individual aged 21 and older who has completed a certified motorcycle safety course may ride without a helmet, provided they use an approved form of eye protection.
  • LB738 adopts the national, three-tiered classification for electric bicycles and updates the definition of traditional bicycles.
  • LB796 requires the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) to develop and administer a safety oversight program for rail transit systems operated by the state, an interstate agency, or a political subdivision.
  • LB465 reallocates certain fees collected by the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) into the DMV Cash Fund. Previously, fees for the issuance of state ID cards, operators’ licenses, replacement ignition interlock permits, and 24/7 sobriety program permits were allocated between the county general fund, the DMV Cash Fund and the State General Fund. Under LB465, the portion of the fee previously allocated to the state General Fund is redirected to the DMV Cash Fund.
  • LB453 allows the NDOT to pay the division of Aeronautics’ administrative expenses, such as salaries and benefits from the Highway Cash Fund. It also lowers the required contribution from counties to be eligible for matching funds from the State Aid Bridge fund from 50% to 20% and increases the estimated cost threshold at which a contract for road purposes must go through a sealed-bid process from $150,000 to $250,000 and allows NDOT to adjust the amount annually. ((Portions of this taken from “Session Review: Transportation and Telecommunications”. Unicameral Update. July 21, 2023.

Governor Pillen signed a proclamation recognizing October 2023 as Cooperative Month. This coincides with the annual recognition of October as National Cooperative Month by the United States Department of Agriculture. This proclamation recognizes Nebraska’s farmer-owned cooperatives and rural electric and telephone cooperatives for the important role they play in Nebraska’s economy. Rural agricultural cooperatives serve the needs of nearly 60,000 farmers and ranch owners. The economic impact of cooperatives benefits all Nebraskans. Nebraska communities were supported by over $23 million of property tax paid by agricultural cooperatives. Nebraska’s farmer-owned cooperatives contributed over $2 million to local fire departments, local school and youth organizations, local and statewide FFA and 4-H chapters, and provided numerous scholarships to help Nebraska students continue their education. (“Governor Proclaims Cooperative Month”. Alliance Times-Herald. 4 October, 2023.

Please keep Israel in your thoughts and prayers. Governor Pillen has shown Nebraska’s support of Israel by announcing that all U. S. and Nebraska flags were to be flown at half-staff beginning October 10-12 to honor the victims of the deadly terrorist attacks in Israel and illuminating the Nebraska State Capitol in blue light, representing the Israeli flag colors of blue and white, for the past week.

As always, I invite you to let me know your thoughts, ideas, concerns, or suggestions by calling my office at (402) 471-2716 or emailing me at

Sen. Joni Albrecht

District 17
Room 1404
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2716
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