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Lou Ann Linehan

Sen. Lou Ann Linehan

District 39

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Douglas County Valuations 2017
February 16th, 2017

A number of you have contacted my office regarding your 2017 Douglas County valuations.  Below is a letter that I have sent to the entities with taxing authority in Legislative District #39.  It includes schools, the NRD, Douglas County, and hopefully every group in Douglas County west of 180th Street with taxing authority, with the exception of your SID or the City which ever pertains to you.

I have also included a list of elected officials who represent the aforementioned taxing entities. I would suggest you voice your concerns regarding the recent significant increases in property values to each of them. If these values hold, each taxing authority has the ability to lower their levies.  Increased valuations need not result in a windfall for any government entity.  Please let me know if you have questions.


Lou Ann

Sen. Lou Ann Linehan,District 39


February 6, 2017

— — –

— — –

— — –

Dear (title, last name),

I am writing you today regarding the recent increases in Douglas County valuations. I am puzzled in regard to the Assessor’s actions and her lack of communication. The higher valuations have created considerable angst in Legislative District 39. Several of my constituents have contacted me over the last few weeks asking for assistance. I am working within the Legislature to try to provide real property tax relief. I am also contacting you and the multiple taxing authorities within Douglas County. As you know, an increase in property tax valuation does not, by itself, automatically increase our property taxes. Each taxing authority, including your (entity), may reduce its respective levy.

Please consider the hardship many residents of Douglas County are experiencing with their new valuations. I realize you are not wanting to add to their tax burdens either. I will share your contact information with all who have contacted me (at your official address) regarding this issue.

Feel free to contact me at my office, 402-471- 2885. I am happy to discuss ways we can work together to assist our mutual constituents. Thank you very much for your consideration.


Lou Ann Linehan

State Senator

District #39


Douglas County Board; (402) 444-7025     1819 Farnam Street, Omaha, NE 68183

Mike Boyle, Chris Rodgers, P.J. Morgan, Marc Kraft, Mary Ann Borgeson, Clare Duda, and James Cavanaugh


Elkhorn Public School Board; (402) 289-2579     20650 Glenn Street, Elkhorn, NE  68022:

President John Marasco, Secretary Chuck Burney, Treasurer Aaron Clark, Amy Parks, Renee Vokt, and Susan Zingler.


DC West School Board; (402) 359-2583     401 South Pine Street, Box 378, Valley, NE  68084:

President Jeff Clauson, Vice President Sue McKie, Treasurer Kelly Hinrichs, Luke Janke, Pat McCarville, and Elizabeth Mayer.


Millard School Board; (402) 715-8200     5606 South 147th Street, Omaha, NE  68137:

President Mike Kennedy, Vice President Dave Anderson, Secretary Linda Poole, Treasurer Mike Pate, Paul Meyer, and Patrick Ricketts.


Educational Service Unit 3; (402) 597-4800     6949 South 110th Street, LaVista, NE  68128

Secretary Dennis Wilkins, Barb Grabowski Coleman, Mary Scarborough, Stu Dornan, Dr. Brett Kuhn, Alan Moore, Phil Wright, and Ron Pearson.


Metro Community College Board of Governors; (531) 622-2257     5300 North 30th Street, Omaha, NE  68111

Chair Roger Garcia, Secretary Kara Eastman, Assistant Secretary Steve Grabowski, Treasurer Brad Ashby, Phillip Klein, Linda McDermitt, Michael Young, James Monahan, and Michelle Nekuda.


Learning Community; (402) 964-2405     1612 North 24th Street, Omaha, NE  68110

Chair Lorraine Chang, Vice Chair Mike Avery, Secretary Nancy Jacobson, Treasurer Allen Hager, Jeanna Anderson, Cornelious Williams, Carol Hahn, Jack Heidel, Susan Kelley, Tonya Ward, D Paul Hartnett, and Jill Woodward.


Papio NRD; (402) 444-6222     8901 South 154th Street, Omaha, NE  68138

Ted Japp, Larry Bradley, Rich Tesar, Patrick Leahy, Mark Gruenewald, John Wiese, Fred Conley, John Conley, Jim Thompson, Tim Fowler, and David Klug.

Sen. Lou Ann Linehan

District 39
Room 1116
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2885
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