What questions can legislators & staff ask?

• How do other states’ laws or policies compare to Nebraska’s?
• I need a scholarly or newspaper article and don’t have a subscription. Can you access it?
• How has Nebraska state law changed over time?
• Can you provide assistance with an interim study?
• Is there case law the courts have decided on a particular legal issue?
• Is it possible to request information from a state agency anonymously?
• Is it possible to find statistical data on demographic, economic, tax, criminal, or other indicators?


How long does it take to complete a research request?

It depends on the complexity of the request. While some questions can be answered within the hour, others take months to complete. When a request is made, any completion deadline is discussed, and we work diligently to complete the research within that timeframe.


How do I make a research request?

Making a research request is easy! You can:

• Email an LRO staff person
• Call the office at 471-2221
• Visit us in room 1201
• Use the legislative research request function on the UniNet


Is research confidential?

Yes. We keep the identity of the legislator and the subject matter of the request confidential. If a request is particularly sensitive, the requester can discuss any additional limitations with us as well.


Does LRO help with interim studies?

Yes. A legislator can request assistance from LRO to help with research as needed for an interim study, task force, or other committee project. For example, LRO staff has helped the Legislature’s Planning Committee, the Intergenerational Poverty Task Force, and other various interim study research projects. We have also staffed the Legislature’s Redistricting Committee, including creating district maps during the redistricting process.


What service can LRO provide to new senators?

In addition to our research and library resources, we can provide individual orientation sessions to new legislators and their staff. Sessions are designed to assist you with the research tools available within and outside the legislature and to give directions about how to proceed with a particular research project.


What other things can LRO do?

We provide other services outside our core research mission. We can:

• Publish print materials
• Design websites
• Create presentations
• Conduct surveys