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Legislative Update: May
May 22nd, 2023

Your May Legislative Update

Hello friends,

The month of May has been chockful of legislation. The budget is getting close to passage, the education committee’s omnibus bill passed, property tax levy’s for community colleges changed and so much more.

The amount of information that can be shared to you through this newsletter would be almost overwhelming. During a normal year at the legislature, we’d have each individual bill debated on or the omnibus bills wouldn’t have nearly the amount of bills amended on to the main bill. In order for bills to be amended together with other bills, they must be germane. The same section of statute or the same kind of topic are the two qualifications for germaneness. Bills like LB705LB727 and others, have over 20 bills amended. The question of germaneness may come up down the line, but I do wish to highlight some of the best pieces of legislation that either are on to the next stage of debate or are heading to the governor’s desk.

From LB727:

LB 180 as amended by AM 142 creates the Nebraska Biodiesel Tax Credit Act, allowing for biodiesel retailer income tax credits under the Act.

LB 447 amends current statute(s) to allow retired firefighters a deduction for health insurance premiums paid and to allow for tuition waivers for firefighters and dependents of law enforcement officers and firefighters.

LB 706 as amended by AM 692 creates new statutes that allow, under the Build Nebraska Act, for issuing bonds up to the amount of four hundred and fifty million dollars ($450,000,000.00), with a provision for thirty million dollars ($30,000,000.00) annually for debt service, for new roads projects, and harmonizes corresponding statutes to reflect the new sections. AM 692 added a provision to extend the sunset date of the Build Nebraska Act to match with the sunset date of the new bonding under LB 706.

From LB705:

LB 385 (as amended by AM 1397) Creates the Nebraska Teacher Recruitment and Retention Act, which is funded by the Education Future Fund. The purpose of the act is to incentivize the recruitment and retention of new teachers and teachers with a high-need certification. New teachers would be eligible for a two thousand five hundred dollar grant at the beginning of years two, four, and six. Teachers with a high-need certification will be eligible for a one-time grant worth five thousand dollars at the beginning of a school year in which such high-need subjects are taught by the grant recipient.

LB 414 (as amended by AM 689)  Would provide standards and practices for public school’s option enrollment program in order to ensure that children with special needs are not disqualified due to their special needs. AM 689 offers clarifying language to address standards by which a school district may determine the manner in which they manage option student applications, and also directs the school district in reporting requirements to the Department of Education regarding how option student applications are handled.

LB 516 (as amended by AM 1442) Appropriates eight hundred seventy thousand dollars from the General Fund each fiscal year to carry out the School Safety and Security Reporting Act in order to continue serving Nebraska citizens via the Safe2HelpNE hotline.

LB 632 (as amended by AM 1208) LB 632 Would prohibit a school from suspending a student in Pre-K through second grade. Exceptions are granted if such student brings a deadly weapon on school grounds, or to a school-sponsored activity or athletic event, or in a vehicle being used for a school purpose or by a school employee.

LB 724 (as amended by AM 1235) Addresses the on-going teacher shortage in Nebraska by removing basic skills testing from certification requirements, while retaining content knowledge testing requirements.

The Budget:

The legislature for the entire month of May has been debating and working extremely hard on delivering a budget that is fair for all Nebraskans. Multiple bills make up the budget. LB813LB814LB815LB816, and LB818 are all at the final stage of debate or are at the governor’s desk. LB817 is still awaiting a decision by the appropriations committee. The appropriations committee worked extremely hard on each of these bills and I wish to thank each member for their deliberation and consideration about each part of the budget.


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Sincerely, Senator Blood

If you ever have questions about legislation, please feel free to call my office by calling 402-471-2627 or you can contact my staff by email below.

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