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John Cavanaugh

Sen. John Cavanaugh

District 9

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Day 4 Bill Introductions
January 11th, 2022

Monday was Day 4 of the 107th Nebraska Legislature, Second Session. I introduced five bills yesterday.

LB923 would provide for digital on-premises tickets for Keno games. Sen. Carol Blood and Sen. Steve Lathrop joined me as cosponsors on this bill.

LB934 would make driving with expired plates a secondary offense punishable by a fine.

LB951 would increase the state earned income tax credit.

LB952 would provide Medicaid enrollment assistance for inmates prior to release to assist in reentry.

and LB953 would provide for a liability exemption for land management burns conducted with a proper permit. Sen. Dan Hughes and Sen. Tim Gragert joined me as cosponsors.

I also cosponsored two other bills introduced on Monday.

LB925, introduced by Sen. Tim Gragert, adopts the Resilient Soils and Water Quality Act.

LB929, introduced by Sen. Anna Wishart, requires submission of a state plan amendment to extend postpartum coverage under Medicaid. I am one of 23 cosponsors of this bill.

Sen. John Cavanaugh

District 9
Room 1008
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
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