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Sen. Bruce Bostelman

Sen. Bruce Bostelman

District 23

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The legislature continued debate of priority legislation this week. The legislature heard debate on individual Senator Priority bills including LB42, LB44 and LB993. LB42 introduced by Senator Hilkelmann which would change occupant protection system provisions for children and adopt certain federal safety provisions was heard on general file.  LB42 would update requirements for use of child passenger restraint systems when travelling in a motor vehicle. The bill did advance.

LB44 introduced last session by Senator Watermeier was reprioritized and debated again on select file with amendment AM1822. LB44 would adopt the Noncollecting Retailer Notice and Reporting Act which would require notification by noncollecting retailers of purchases made by Nebraska purchasers for taxable items. LB44 advanced to select file as amended.

LB993 introduced by Senator Friesen was discussed on general file.  LB993 creates the 911 Service System Advisory Committee and amends the 911 Service System Act and allow for the implementation of next-generation 911 Services. LB993 advanced to select file.

Changes to certain district court judicial district boundaries were discussed on general file this week in LB697, a bill by Senator Ebke which was selected as a Speaker Priority Bill. LB697 was advanced to select file.

Two Committee Priority bills were also discussed by the legislature on general file. LB808, a bill introduced by Senator Harr was prioritized by the Agriculture Committee and debated on the floor. LB808 would amend the Community Gardens Act and create the Community Food Production Water Fund. A final vote has not been taken on the bill. LB1090 a bill introduced by Senator Smith and prioritized by the Revenue Committee was discussed on the floor. The bill would restore the personal exemption credit that was effectively repealed by the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for Nebraska taxpayers and amends other taxing provisions.  LB1090 did advance to select file.

Increasing and Improving technology and access to rural broadband in this State continues to remain an important issue for me and those in our District. As a legislative liaison to the Nebraska Information Technology Commission I attended the Quarterly Meeting held on Thursday, March 8th at Varner Hall. It was a great opportunity to stay up to date on these issues and hear more from experts in these fields and the learn the status and progress of technology and its increasing uses in our State.

The legislature hosted the Ashland-Greenwood High School Concert Choir this week on Tuesday, March 6th. The Ashland-Greenwood Concert Choir was selected to participate in the Nebraska Music Education Association Capitol Concert Series. I enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the Choir’s performance in the Rotunda and applaud the students and staff for all of their work and accomplishments in music.

The budget bills LB944, LB945, and LB946 were advanced form the Appropriations Committee this week. The legislature will begin budget discussions next week and I will have more specifics to share on those bills at that time.

Sen. Bruce Bostelman

District 23
Room #8th Floor
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
Phone: (402) 471-2719
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