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Bruce Bostelman

Sen. Bruce Bostelman

District 23

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Update 1/28
January 28th, 2022

Committee hearings are now in full swing, and floor debate continues priority legislation.  Last week, LB723 introduced by Senator Briese passed on General File and was advanced.  LB723, as amended, raises the cap of property tax relief through refundable income tax credits that can be delivered to Nebraskans in 2024 from $375 million to $560 million.

LB825, Senator Lindstrom’s priority bill, also passed the first round of debate.  LB825 phases out the state income tax on social security benefits over the next four years.  This will greatly benefit Nebraska’s retirees, many of whom often struggle financially, and help retain retirees in our state.

The Legislature passed Senator Halloran’s priority resolution, LR14, on Final Reading. LR14 is a resolution to Congress to call for a convention of states under Article V of the U.S. Constitution.  This convention’s purpose would be to propose amendments to the U.S. constitution, specifically to impose fiscal restraints on and limit the power of the federal government and create term limits for members of Congress. 34 of the states would need to pass a similar resolution for this to occur.

LB925, introduced by Senator Gragert was heard in the Natural Resources Committee. This bill would create the “Resilient Soils and Water Quality Act” to help improve management practices of soil and improve water quality. Under this bill, the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) would create a producer-led learning community that could partner with entities such as UNL, farm organizations, Natural Resources Districts, and private landowners to establish demonstration and research farms to promote better management practices of land in diverse regions around Nebraska.

Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the Nebraska Association of Resources Districts (NARD) Legislative Conference. This conference brings Natural Resources Districts, elected officials, agriculture producers, and members of the community involved with conservation together.

I introduced LR286, recognizing the 50th anniversary of the creation of Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts on July 1st, 2022. LR248 recognizes the critical role the NRD’s play in partnership with landowners and other organizations in managing, conserving, and protecting Nebraska’s natural resources and improving the land and sustaining it for future generations.

I joined fellow state senators and other elected officials, as well as hundreds of Nebraskans in participating in the annual Nebraska Walk for Life. The event began by listening to speakers on the north steps of the Capitol, and then walking to the UNL Student Union to hear the keynote speaker. I was encouraged by the enthusiasm of the people who attended and enjoyed meeting people from District 23. I will continue to support pro-life issues and defend the pre-born.

I appreciate hearing from constituents on issues affecting District 23 and encourage you to contact my office on legislation at 402-471-2719 or

Sen. Bruce Bostelman

District 23
Room 1210
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2719
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