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Tom Brandt

Sen. Tom Brandt

District 32

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Redistricting Update
October 7th, 2021

The Legislature has now concluded the Special Session call and fulfilled its constitutional duty to pass redistricting maps for the U.S. House of Representatives, the Legislature, the State Board of Education, the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, the Public Service Commission and the Nebraska Supreme Court. 

It was an arduous process that required compromising and working together to pass maps in time for candidates to run for office across the state and to have lived in their district one year before being elected. I am happy to report that Legislative District 32 (LD32) stayed relatively the same, retaining Fillmore, Thayer, Saline and Jefferson counties in whole and picking up additional parts of southern Lancaster County while losing parts of Lancaster County that went into Lincoln. 

Specifically, the new LD32 district lines of Lancaster County include the southwestern corner going north to West A St, then east, then south on SW 56th St, then east on Saltillo Road, and then angling south near Salt Creek to Wagon Train Road and then finally south along S. 110th St to the Gage County line and back west on W. Gage Road to the Saline County line. The map of LD32 and the other legislative districts are in bill form here. The overall change is that LD32 moved further east into Senator Myron Dorn’s district and now includes the villages of Holland and Firth as well as Norris School District 160. Welcome to LD32 and it is my pleasure to represent you.

As for the rest of the maps that passed, Fillmore, Thayer, Saline and Jefferson counties did not change districts on the Congressional, Board of Education, Public Service Commission and Supreme Court maps. On the Board of Regent map, Fillmore County moved from District 5 to District 6. I also want to note that the Board of Education map changed significantly to move more districts out of Douglas County to give the rest of Nebraska more representation. 

Finally, a word about attendance. Washington, D.C.’s Club for Growth Foundation recently released its Missed Votes Nebraska scorecard, which calculated how often lawmakers showed up and how often they missed votes, for the Legislature’s 2021 regular session from January 21 to May 27. Senators miss votes for a whole host of reasons, including medical issues, family concerns, and prior commitments but I am proud to report that out of the 49 state senators, I was ranked first for attendance and votes taken, voting 96% of the time. I came to Lincoln to make your voice heard and when I said that, I meant it.

Sen. Tom Brandt

District 32
Room 1528
P.O. Box 94604
Lincoln, NE 68509
(402) 471-2711
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