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Appropriations Committee

Since the Appropriations Committee does not individually advance bills that are included in the budget, we have provided a summary of committee action on bills referred to the committee. Though these summaries are not official committee statements, they are intended to read similarly.  You will find information on testifiers, statements of intent, the funding requested and the action the committee took regarding the bill. Bills that were advanced individually from the Committee are not included in this summary. Such bills have official committee statements that can be found on this website.

2017 Appropriations Committee Bill Summaries

January 4th, 2017

The Appropriations Committee is responsible for processing legislation involving the following subject areas:

  • appropriations bills
  • support of state government
  • capital construction
  • senators’ salaries
  • salaries of constitutional officers
  • deficiency appropriations
  • appropriations for special purposes or projects
  • special fund creation
  • exchanges between or disbursements from various funds
  • state employee compensation
  • state contributions to state employees’ group health insurance
  • substantive program provisions within the jurisdictions of other committees that also contain provisions for major appropriations.

During session, the Appropriations Committee meets Monday through Friday in Room 1003 on the 1st Floor of the Capitol.

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